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Are You Looking for Ideas on Gifts for Elderly Parents?

Are You Looking for the Perfect Gift Ideas for Elderly Parents
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Giving gifts is a great way to show that you care, but it can be tough to shop for older parents who already seem to own everything they could ever want. The last thing you want is to drop money on a gift idea that will just end up collecting dust in a closet or taking up precious space in their assisted living facility. With the holidays coming up, it’s a good idea to start planning ahead so that you can give your elderly loved ones gifts that they will appreciate and use. Here are some ideas for what to get your elderly parent:

Adaptive Clothing

Traditional clothing is not designed with the needs of elderly people in mind. If you find that your aging parents are having difficulty reaching over their head when putting clothing on or having trouble with the buttons on their pants, nursing home clothing might be something that you will want to look into. Whether your elderly parents can still dress themselves or need help getting dressed, adaptive clothing is one of the items nursing home residents need that can make the process easier for everyone involved.

For instance, if your parents are wheelchair bound, open-back adaptive tops and pants will make the dressing process a breeze while still conserving their dignity, thanks to overlapping back panels. These garments are also a good option if your loved one has significantly impaired mobility because they can put the shirt on without having to lift their arms or put anything over their head.

Adaptive Clothing
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House dresses for women are good alternatives that offer an all-in-one outfit for self-dressers, and which are comfortable for all-day wear. If your loved ones prefer two-piece outfits, then they may appreciate a pair of elastic waist pants and a magnetic closure button-up that are a snap to use. Whatever your loved one’s situation, we offer a selection of adaptive clothing for men and women that will suit their needs — and make for the perfect present! Browse the Silverts online store today to order a gift for your elderly parents.

Slippers and Socks

Wearing proper footwear at all times (even inside the house) is important for stability, comfort and protection. The shoes protect an elderly person’s feet from accidental injury, while the skid-resistant soles help to guard against slip and fall hazards. Look for a pair of extra-wide slippers with Velcro closures that can be adjusted throughout the day to accommodate swollen feet. Choose your elderly loved one’s favorite color to incentivize them to wear the slippers inside the house.

Grip socks also make a great gift idea for elderly people, not to mention that they are required by many hospitals and long-term care facilities. Not only do they keep your feet warm, but they also provide fall protection if your elderly loved one gets up in the middle of the night and doesn’t want to  fuss with trying to find their slippers in the dark. Get a plain design that can be worn year-round, or give them a pair of Christmas-themed socks for the holidays. If you want to make them a warm and cozy package, consider adding a pair of mittens or a hat to create your own cozy accessory kit.

Gift Ideas for the Elderly

Foot Care Products

Speaking of feet, proper foot care is one of the essential products for elderly people, especially those who suffer from diabetes and need to inspect their feet daily. Therefore, it’s a great idea to give your parents gifts that can support them in this, such as toenail trimmers and gentle soaps. Be judicious with scrubs, lotions and other foot products; these are fine for some people, but should be avoided if your loved one has diabetic neuropathy in their feet.

Wheelchair Accessories

Does your parent require a walker or wheelchair these days? Then consider giving them something to personalize their wheelchair. A wheelchair or walker pouch is a nice replacement for a separate purse or backpack. It attaches to their mobility aid so they can’t accidentally leave it behind, and it is designed to hang from a walker or wheelchair without getting caught in any wheels. Another option is a nice warm wheelchair blanket, which is a must-have for cold winter days. These are blankets that attach to the wheelchair so that it won’t slide off and get tangled in the wheels. If you have young kids, they can also help grandma or grandpa decorate their wheelchair or walker for the holidays to create some festive cheer.

Reading Device
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Reading Device

If they love reading, a new pair of reading glasses and an e-reader could be the perfect gift for an aging parent and something very useful that they wouldn’t necessarily think to buy for themselves. Getting an e-reader will allow them to increase the font size of their favorite book so they can keep reading without difficulty. They also don’t have to worry about where to store all of their books, which is a plus for any older adult looking to downsize or who are already living in a small room in an assisted living facility. Just be prepared to provide some tech support to your elderly loved one if they have never used an e-reader before.

Digital Photo Frame

On the subject of downsizing, if your elderly parent is moving into a nursing home, then they probably don’t have room to bring years’ worth of photo albums with them. Offering to digitize their physical photos and putting them on a digital photo frame is a sweet gesture that will allow them to still enjoy their family memories without sacrificing on space. You can add recent photos to the digital frame as you take them, so your loved one will have a constantly rotating collection of old and new images to enjoy. Check out our list of other great gifts for nursing home residents.

Craft Supplies

Many older people enjoy pursuing crafts and hobbies in their retirement years, and lots of them are constantly in need of supplies. Ask them what craft supplies they need, and then either buy them a curated kit or create your own to fill in the gaps. If you have kids, it can also be really fun to get them a matching age-appropriate set so they can craft alongside grandma or grandpa. This provides the perfect excuse for an interactive activity and allows your elderly parents to pass their skills along to a new generation.

Fun Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Puzzles and Games

Puzzle and games are another good alternative for passing the time in retirement, and they also help to keep your loved ones’ cognitive skills sharp as they age. There are many different options, including jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, Sudoku and more. Get your elderly relative one of their favorites or choose a new one to help them branch out. Just be sure to do a quick check of their existing collection before buying them one so you don’t accidentally give them a duplicate.

Plants or Flowers
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Plants or Flowers

Many people look down on flowers because they’re such a common gift suggestion, but sometimes they are exactly what your loved one needs to brighten up their space. However, it’s true that they won’t last for forever, so if you want to get something that will last longer, get them a houseplant that they can take care of. Unless your loved one is known for their green thumb, get them an easy-to-care-for variety such as a pothos plant so they don’t have to worry about babying it to keep it alive.

Salon Trip

Getting out for a haircut or manicure can be difficult, especially if your elderly parents have mobility or vision impairments that prevent them from driving. Consider giving older folks a trip to the salon or barber shop to help them freshen up before the holiday season and feel more like themselves. Either book the service yourself or give them a gift card or gift certificate so they can choose, and then offer to drive them to and from the appointment so they don’t have to worry about transportation.

Meal Delivery Service

Many elderly people don’t have the energy to cook every single meal at home, so they often resort to cheap frozen foods or even skip meals altogether. Not only that, cooking in the kitchen can be dangerous for elderly people because of all the hot stoves and sharp knives. If your loved ones are still living at home, consider signing them up for a meal delivery service for a practical gift that will bring healthy, easy-to-heat meals right to their doors. Make sure to double check any dietary restrictions their doctor may have given them before signing them up.

Home or Lawn Care

On a similar note, many seniors struggle to do high-effort chores such as mowing the lawn and deep cleaning their homes. Hiring an outside service to do this for them as a useful gift can help them keep aging in place and protect them from accidental injury. Talk to your loved ones about what chores they struggle with the most and ask if they would be open to you hiring a service to take care of it for them. Some elderly people may resist the idea of needing outside help, so be prepared to make a case for it.

Memory Journal
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Memory Journal

A memory journal is a great way to prompt your loved one to relive their best memories and to encourage them to create a physical record of their lives. You can DIY a memory journal in a plain notebook, but you might find it easier to buy a dedicated memory journal that already comes with a bunch of prompts so you don’t have to generate your own. Choose one with a cover that will appeal to your elderly family member or loved one and make them more likely to use the journal.

Old Movies and Media

Ready to buy gifts for your elderly parents? At Silverts, we offer a wide range of women’s and men’s adaptive clothing as well as a curated selection of gifts just for seniors. All of our items come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and can be returned within 60 days if you aren’t happy with them. Get free shipping on all U.S. orders regardless of size or quantity, and free rush shipping on all U.S. orders over $100 to get it even faster!

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