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Best Walking Shoes for Older Men to Stay Active

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Walking is one of the best activities for keeping your body and mind healthy. As we age, we lose muscle mass, balance, coordination and even your mental state. To keep yourself moving, you will want to find the best walking shoe to suit your needs. 

Why Special Walking Shoes Matter for Older Men

Adaptive walking shoes for older men are designed to support the needs of an aging foot and body. The muscle loss experienced as we age often leads to flatter feet and a lower level of stamina. Heat edema and other foot swelling can cause discomfort in a regular shoe especially when you try to put them on and take them off. Special walking shoes designed for older adults can help combat some of these deficiencies with features such as a wide toe box, easy touch closures, ample cushioning and rubber soles. 

There are a variety of common foot problems that are experienced by older adults. Some of these conditions include, but are not limited to [1]:

  • Swollen feet
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Flat feet
  • Corns
  • Bunions

3 Essential Features in Walking Shoes for Older Men

Gain confidence in every step and alleviate your foot pain with the most comfortable walking shoes for daily activities. From slip-ons to sneakers, the best walking shoes for seniors should include these key features that will help offset the discomfort caused by the aging body. 

 #1 Supportive Features for Stability and Balance

Slips and falls can be very scary—especially as we get older. When shopping for the best walking shoes for older men, seek out shoes that have slip-resistant soles with adequate rubber traction to help reduce falls on wet or dry surfaces. An extended heel also provides more surface area to the shoe and will also help stabilize the wearer. 

#2 Cushioned Soles for Enhanced Comfort

Footwear that has an added heel pillow will provide additional comfort when compared with a basic shoe. Look for walking shoes that have this added cushion placed at the heel of the shoe, which also helps prevent blistering and discomfort. 

#3 Adjustable Closures for Easy Wearing and Removal

Adjustable closures on walking shoes can eliminate dressing struggles, as well as offer variable sizing to accommodate a swollen or sore foot. Easy touch closures can be secured with just one hand and the extra wide opening allows the foot to slide in and out easily. Adjustable straps on these walking shoes also allow the wearer to resize the shoe as needed to accommodate for swelling and other foot concerns. 

Top 5 Walking Shoes for Older Men at Silverts

Men’s Extra Wide Comfort Shoes with Easy Touch Closures

This best-selling shoe is one of the best adaptive shoes for older men. The extra-wide opening allows the wearer to slip their foot in on their own, or have a caregiver easily insert their foot into the shoe. It also has a Velcro strap for painless dressing.

These shoes are designed with Silverts True Fit Insole System. The removable insoles and spacers allow the shoe width to be adjusted from D to 4E to suit different users needs, and even different needs as the hours of the day move on. 

Easy Wear Extra Wide Comfortable Walking Shoes for Men

This popular shoe from Silverts is another top walking shoe for older adults. The extra-wide opening allows the wearer to easily slide their foot into the shoe without struggle. An easy touch closure and one secure strap ensures the shoe remains closed while wearing and can easily be taken on and off. 

These walking shoes are also designed with the removable insole and spacers so you or a loved one can adjust the shoe fit as the day wears on. 

Men’s Wide Ultra Lightweight Walking Shoes

This lightweight walking shoe is a great choice for any age. This special design provides arch support and slip-resistant soles to help support swollen feet and ankles, which also can reduce potential falls. The unique shoe style provides lasting comfort and arch support with added cushioning. You can even toss them in the washing machine if they need to be cleaned. 

This walking shoe is easy to slip on and off for independent dressing or assisted dressing. 

Men’s Extra Wide Shoes

These new shoes are touted as the extra deep, extra wide fluid barrier shoes from Silverts. Whether you are strolling through some morning dew, have a spill, or experience incontinence, these shoes will keep your feet dry on walks. They also help reduce odor caused by sweat or leaks. This footwear is also designed to open extra wide to allow any foot to easily fit inside.

Extra Wide Comfort Shoes for Men

This extra wide comfort shoe provides long lasting comfort for walking or even running errands. The super wide opening creates an easy dressing experience, while the heel cushion and slip-resistant soles keep the wearer feeling secure and relaxed all day long. 

This style is designed to accommodate a swollen foot and the easy touch closures and additional insoles can provide as snug or loose a fit as needed. 

How to Measure Your Shoe Size Correctly

When shopping for walking shoes for older men, you must consider the features of these special shoes and also the fit. Too often people try to accommodate swollen or wide feet by sizing up in shoes, however this can be very dangerous. Loose-fitting shoes lead to more slips and falls as the foot is not properly secured in the shoe. 

To find the perfect fit, you must measure the foot from the heel to the big toe. Once this is measured, add a quarter-inch or about one centimeter to this measurement and compare it to the shoe model size chart. Remember that different models of shoes are designed differently and it is recommended to follow this measurement rule each time you purchase a new pair of shoes. 

Tips for Trying On and Testing Shoes

To make the most of your walking shoes, you will want them to fit well. If you are ordering online, remember to measure your foot properly (as outlined above) and select the shoe size that best fits those measurements. 

Most stores will not accept returns once footwear is worn outside. For this reason, after trying on your shoes, spend some time wearing them around the house. If they feel too small, too big, or just plain uncomfortable, they are not right for you. Sometimes you may need to order a new size or your foot may be more comfortable in a different style of walking shoe. 

Remember that fit is everything. If you’re looking for athletic shoes, sneakers, slippers, or other footwear designed specifically for older adults, look no further than Silverts. We specialize in easy-to-dress clothing that empowers you to live life to the fullest.

For more information, visit and review our adaptive footwear section. 


  1. Zepeda, Eddie. “What Are Common Foot Problems in Older Adults? Foot Care Tips for Seniors”. Accessed on June 21, 2024. 

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