Womens Post-Surgical Recovery Garment

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Product Features of Post-Surgical Recovery Prosthetic Garment - The Jacki® :

  • Great Gift for breast cancer & lung cancer patients and post-op rotator cuff and other shoulder surgerie
  • Patient Designed with your Dignity in mind
  • Perfect Recovery Shirt to leave the hospital in, post-surgery
  • Gives you privacy and simplifies your life
  • Hidden pockets for post-surgical drains and other medical pumps and packs
  • Easy Access Sleeves that completely open up and allows for One-Handed Dressing and easy access to IV lines
  • Button at shoulder to drop down for easy port-a-cath access
  • Attractive and comfortable garment to wear at home, run errands, daily living and sleepwear
  • Reduces the need for painful arm lifting after surgery
  • U.S. Medicare Eligible for reimbursement under HCPCS code L8015

Jacki® Post Surgical Garment was designed for women of all ages with their dignity in mind and to facilitate their recovery. Patients are able to dress themselves or be dressed with ease. Easy Touch closure sleeves completely open up making dressing and undressing a less painful process. This recovery post-op apparel top features hidden pockets designed for ice packs, post-surgical drains or medical pumps & packs. The removable top pockets are for breast inserts and ice packs if needed. The bottom, all-around pocketing secures multiple post-surgical drains and various medical pumps and packs. Included are breast form inserts that are ideal for breast cancer patients going through mastectomy recovery. The post-operation Jacki® garment, with its incognito style, provides a high functioning jacket which offers independence, warmth and dignity to help patients feel more comfortable.

Women's Long Sleeve double mastectomy Jacket is terrific for post-surgery recovery. The Jacki ® was designed to provide absolute comfort , privacy, and convinience whether you are at home or on the go. It features all around interior pocketing to conceal and securely hold drain pumps & surgical bulbs. Easy Touch closures along shoulder/sleeve seams to ensure a painless experience to limited mobility patients- A well designed post-op apparel that patients, nurses & doctors can rely on!

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Gender Women
Needs Bedridden Patient, Hospital Gowns, Nursing Home, Patient Clothing, Post Operation, Wheelchair
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