Size Chart for Adaptive Footwear

When selecting shoes & slippers; please remember that it is not always necessary to go up in size when ordering wider width footwear.

Ladies Size Women's Easy-Fit Size'
5-6 Small
7-8 Medium
9-10 Large
11-12 XL
13-14 2XL
Mens Size' Men's Easy-Fit Size
6-7 Small
7-8 Medium
9-10 Large
11-12 XL
13-14 2XL
We can find your footwear size: call or email us with your foot's measurements and we can find the best fit!

What is special about Mens & Womens Adaptive Shoes & Slippers?

Our specialty is putting a line of elderly senior footwear together to meet the special needs of seniors. Often when we age our feet develop certain conditions. These conditions include swelling, edema, corns, bunions, hammertoes, arthritis and other foot problems and foot conditions. Silverts offers a pair of shoes for any lifestyle. Whether it is a walking shoe or leather upper, Silverts will find the most comfortable shoe for your lifestyle.

Wearing shoes may not be the desired decision, but an important one for your feet. Footwear will help with shock absorption in every step you take. Silverts shoes offer shock absorption through cushioning, which will in turn create a comfortable shoe so wearing it won’t be frustrating.

Our senior slippers and senior shoes provide senior foot problem solutions by utilizing VELCRO® brand straps that make footwear adjustable to accommodate elderly women's and men's feet. VELCRO® brand shoes for elderly and VELCRO® brand slippers for seniors and elderly are terrific for those with arthritis and lowered hand dexterity. Velcro shoes for seniors have never been so easy to find! With a hook and loop closure, footwear can be put on more easily and quickly.

Wide width Shoes for women and men and seniors help alleviate pressure and offer comfortable foot solutions for problem feet. Extra wide width adult women's and men's VELCRO® closure shoes and other footwear products with 5 star reviews offer the ultimate in comfort.

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