Benefits of Creating Your Silverts Account

Creating an account is optional. You do not need to create an account to shop online, but there are many benefits:

Discover our Email Specials

By signing up for a Silverts account, you can receive our Email Specials — bi-weekly virtual flyers highlighting our sales items.

View your Previous Orders

When you sign up for a Silverts account you get access to all of your previous web-based orders.

Re-print your Online Invoices

Need a paper copy of your invoice, but lost the confirmation e-mail? Silverts members can print them out off of our website.

View your Favorite Items

With a Silverts account you can view the top ten items that you have bought from us. Need more of them? With just a few clicks, they're back in your shopping cart, ready to be bought and shipped to you.

Checkout Quickly and Easily

Silverts securely stores your personal and shipping information so that you don't have to fill in blank forms every time you shop with us.

Update your Information

Moving? Change your contact information during your next checkout, and we will securely store your updated information so you don't have to change it again.

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