Choosing a Strong Password Tips

Protect your password

For best results, remember to change your password regularly and keep it private.

To choose a strong password that protects your Silverts account and your other online accounts, we recommend following the guidelines below:

  • Do not reuse passwords: Make your Silverts password different from other sites. This prevents hackers from login in to more than one website if they are able to recover your password.
  • Use at least 8 characters: Longer passwords are harder for password hackers to guess.
  • Don't use predictable or obvious passwords like password, secret, 123456, or your name.
  • Use letters and numbers: Using both letters and numbers when choosing a password makes them harder to guess than using one alone.

Silverts passwords are case sensitive; silverts and Silverts are not treated as the same. If you are having trouble logging in, remember to check your CAPS LOCK key before requesting a password reset.

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