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Tips for Buying Clothing for Elderly Women

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By Natalie Board /

If you’re looking for gift ideas for your mom, then clothing for elderly women is probably one of the first suggestions that you came across. While clothing is a practical gift, it’s also a very personal one, so you want to keep some guidelines in mind when buying garments for senior women.

Prioritize comfort and function …

Life is too short to dress in uncomfortable clothes at any age, but comfort is of particular importance to older adults who may be dealing with health ailments and other issues that contribute to discomfort. Look for soft, sensory-friendly fabrics and avoid tight or constricting garments that may impede circulation. Features such as elastic waists make it easy to get undressed quickly and also accommodate small fluctuations in weight.

… but don’t give up on style!

That being said, you don’t have to give up on looking fashionable when shopping for dementia clothing for elderly women. There are plenty of clothing options for elderly women that look trendy yet timeless instead of frumpy and outdated. In fact, you can even find adaptive clothing for both men and women that looks exactly like “regular” clothing options while still incorporating innovative features such as magnetic closures and open-back designs. 

Consider her mobility for dressing.

When shopping for clothing for elderly women, you need to consider whether or not she can still dress herself or if she needs help dressing. If she’s still able to get dressed on her own, then self-dressing clothing is a great option. On the other hand, if she needs help getting dressed, then assisted dressing garments will make the process easier on both her and her caretaker (whether that’s you or someone else). Whichever type of garments you choose, they will incorporate features that make the dressing process much less stressful.

Look into adaptive features.

Speaking of adaptive features, you might want to look out for certain ones based on your loved one’s needs. For instance, some pants incorporate secret openings to give access to medical devices such as prosthetics or catheters. Meanwhile, anti-strip jumpsuits are a good choice for people with dementia who may disrobe at inopportune moments. Magnetic closures allow women with arthritis in their hands to open and close garments even if they cannot operate buttons. 

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Select the right size.

Many older people choose overly large garments to make it easier to put them on and off, or to cover up their changing body. Unfortunately, all that extra fabric can hamper movement and even catch on furniture and other objects. When ordering clothing for elderly women, consult the size chart and order the right size. Clothing for seniors is designed to be comfortable and easy to take on and off without needing to size up.

Layer multiple garments.

Many older people, especially women, get cold very easily, which not only causes discomfort but also potentially endangers their health. Help them to dress in multiple layers so they can take them off if they get hot, and then easily put them on again if their body temperature starts to drop. Cardigans, sweaters, vests and jackets are all great options for layering pieces that will go with multiple outfits.

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By imtmphoto /

Choose adaptive underwear.

Regular underwire bras aren’t exactly comfortable to wear even in the best of times, and the clasps can be impossible to work for older women with limited range of motion in their upper body. Instead, choose adaptive bras that ditch the underwire in favor of comfortable elastic. They typically come in either a pullover or front closure style so that women with limited mobility can still get them on and off without too much trouble. Once you see how comfortable these are, you’ll want to switch out your own bras!

Don’t forget about shoes.

Wearing non-skid shoes at all times, even inside the house, is one of the best things that elderly people can do to reduce their risk of falls. Whenever elderly women get dressed in the morning, they should finish off their outfit with a pair of non-skid slippers or shoes that are comfortable to wear all day. Even when she changes into a nightgown for women, she should still keep a pair of slippers next to the bed in case she needs to get up in the middle of the night.

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