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Solutions for Dressing with Arthritis

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Those who suffer from arthritis experience painful and frequent occurrences of joint pain. It is the most common symptom in nearly all forms of the disease. The pain individuals experience from arthritis is caused by inflammation around the joint. Over 52 million adults in the US have reported suffering from some form of arthritis.  That is more than 22% of the population!

Arthritis encompasses around 200 different diseases that affect various joints. Any number of joints can be affected by the ailment including feet, knees, hips, hands, and fingers. Weight-bearing joints are particularly susceptible to the pain and stiffness.

It is difficult for arthritis patients to perform their daily tasks without bouts of pain. There are all types of products on the market to assist these individuals during their daily tasks. From gadgets to help you put your socks on to specialized utensils for the kitchen; these goods can help assist individuals live independently.

Dressing is one of the daily routines that arthritis definitely impacts. Adaptive apparel is a perfect solution for anyone who struggles with independent dressing. Silverts offers easy dressing solutions for those who have difficulty dressing due to arthritis.

Adaptive Tops:

The best solutions are so often the simplest.  That’s the beauty behind our magnetic shirts. Magnets replace conventional closures so the wearer does not need to struggle with traditional buttons. Getting ready for your day can be as easy as a snap.


Brassieres cause particular difficulties for those with arthritis. With this in mind, we offer bras that are simple and easy for anyone to put on. Silverts Adaptive Front Snap Closure Bra is front closing and features 4 simple snaps to secure it.  Check out our guide to proper fitting adaptive bras here to always get the right size and fit.

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Adaptive Pants:

Our self dressing pant collection, available for men and for women, includes side open pants that feature easy touch closures on both sides of the elastic waist band. They make the pants easier to put on, easier to pull up, and, most importantly, so much easier to close and secure. This means the wearer won’t need help closing zippers or button closures that are so frustrating to those with limited dexterity due to arthritis. We have also recently introduced easy grip loops inside the waistband to hook your finger into when pulling up your pants. No more trying to hold the edge of the waistband.


Tying up laces is no easy task for those with arthritis. Moreover, arthritis pain in feet can make putting on and wearing shoes a painful chore.  VELCRO® brand closing footwear is a fantastic alternative.  It helps provide relief for both hands and feet.

These slippers are completely adjustable making it simple to accommodate swollen feet.  Easy touch closure on the overlapping tabs line the entire length of the closure ensuring great fit with very little pressure needed to secure them.

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Silvert’s takes great pride in helping individuals with arthritis continue to dress independently.  For those with more debilitating arthritic pain, we also offer numerous solutions designed for assisted dressing that are aimed to keep routines simplified and dignified.

Check out just a few of our featured styles options here.


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