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6 Exciting Activities for Elderly People

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We love a rousing game of bingo or a difficult crossword puzzle as much as the next person, but we also acknowledge that not every senior enjoys these types of traditional activities. If you’re looking for ways to spend your retirement that are more exciting than Jenga, here are six ideas to start you off:

Continuing Education

Just because you graduated a long time ago doesn’t mean that you have to give up learning forever. In fact, there are community college classes and other courses that are specifically tailored to seniors. This is often more comfortable for older adults because they can learn new knowledge and skills alongside people who are in the same life stage as they are as opposed to much younger. If you want to pick up a new skill but aren’t sure how, check with your local community college and other resources near you to see what options they offer. If you’re especially internet savvy, you can also look for online options if you’re comfortable with that.

Book Clubs

The only thing better than reading a good book is having a discussion about a good book with other people who have read it. Many older adults really enjoy reading, as it stimulates their minds and takes them to new worlds. A book club takes things to the next level and provides the perfect excuse for an in-person get together with wine and snacks. If you don’t know enough people local to you to form your own book club, then check with your local bookstore. Many of them host book clubs and some even have groups that are especially tailored to those 50 and up.

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Group Fitness Classes

Working out is so much better with a friend. Not only do other people keep you accountable, they also make the time pass faster. If you’re new to exercise, attending a group fitness class means that you will also have an expert instructor on hand to keep you motivated and show you the correct form. Many gyms offer exercise classes that are specifically for senior adults and cover both strength training and cardiovascular exercises. Many instructors also provide directions for various levels of intensity, so you may be able to make an all-ages class work for your level of fitness as well. Make sure to wear supportive shoes and senior clothing so you have full range of motion.

Food and Drink Festivals

Expand your palate with local food and drink festivals. At these events, many different vendors come together in one place to allow you to sample many different beverages and cuisines at once. Most festivals are themed — for example, they might be all about wine pairings or local farm-to-table restaurants. Summer events are usually outdoors, while winter events are often held inside a large event space. Check your city or town’s event calendar to see if there are any upcoming events, and make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time, as these events often sell out.

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Music Lessons

Music is incredibly beneficial for us, which is why many senior care facilities offer music activities for the elderly. Even if you still live on your own, you can take advantage of these opportunities by attending concerts, participating in dances and even taking music lessons yourself. Whether you stopped making music long ago or want to explore this new hobby, both listening to and creating music is an excellent pastime for seniors. You will gain a deeper appreciation of music even as you add to your skills.

Art Classes

There are so many artistic hobbies that you can pursue. It’s really up to your imagination! There are always classics like painting and scrapbooking, but you could also take up woodworking, candlemaking, pottery, jewelry making, sewing, soap making and even baking (and that’s only a few examples). If you’re not sure which artistic pursuits you might enjoy, look for senior classes near you or just try browsing the local craft store to see if anything piques your interest. If an activity doesn’t resonate with you, then try something else and keep experimenting until you find something that sticks.

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