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Clothes for seniors need the perfect combination of functionality and comfort that can make their life easy. Adaptive clothing is specially designed clothing to help make it easier for people who have difficulty dressing. Having clothing that has been adapted can make such a positive difference in a person’s life by giving them the independence to continue to dress themselves or enable caregivers to dress them with ease and comfort.

What is Adaptive Clothing?

Examples of adaptive clothing and footwear include shirts, tops, dresses and trousers that can open at the side, back or shoulders with Easy Touch or magnetic closures instead of buttons. Shoes and slippers, fastened easily with Easy Touch straps instead of shoelaces. There are many designs and styles available with clever, adaptable features that all help towards making the everyday task of dressing much easier and quicker!

Adaptive clothes for seniors include assisted dressing and self dressing options. With age and health concerns, dressing with conventional clothing gets difficult and tedious. Senior clothing makes a seniors or elderly citizens daily routine safer and much easier.

Healthcare professionals and caregivers can encourage and support seniors in using adaptive clothing to continue to maintain independence for people who are able to carry on dressing themselves for as long as they can.

Features of Adaptive Footwear

Adaptive footwear is designed for comfort and safety. Some features include:

  • Slip resistant soles to avoid falls and slips
  • Wider widths and depth for comfort and ease in putting on
  • Comfortable Materials
  • Easy Touch Fasteners such as VELCRO® Brand Closure

What is women's adaptive clothing? Examples can be found here.

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