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Memory Care Clothing - Stop Involuntary Disrobing with Anti-Strip Jumpsuits

One of the most frustrating side effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s is that it can cause the person to begin disrobing, often in public or other inopportune scenarios. This situation can be very distressing for both the dementia patient and their caretakers, which is why many family members seek out Alzheimer’s anti-strip jumpsuits to help their elderly loved ones stay clothed. 

At Silverts, we sell many anti-strip clothing options and anti-strip jumpsuits for both men and women who require memory care. All of our one-piece jumpsuits are designed with a zipper closure that runs up the back of the garment, making it extremely difficult for the dementia patient to undress themselves. However, the zipper is still easy for the caretaker to access when the person needs to be undressed. On certain anti-strip jumpsuits, the neckline also features an additional snap closure in the back for even more security.

Silverts anti-strip jumpsuits come in different designs to suit a variety of situations. Some are designed to look like two-piece outfits, such as a polo shirt tucked into khakis, which make them perfect for running errands or other events outside the house. We also offer comfortable Alzheimer’s anti-strip jumpsuits that are made of soft fabric perfect for sleeping the whole night through.

Our Silverts anti-strip jumpsuits are available in sizes small through 3XL for both men and women. This wide range of sizes increases the odds that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your loved one so they will be comfortable. Be sure to add a pair of non-skid slippers to your cart to complete their daily outfit.

Like all Silverts products, our Alzheimer’s anti-strip jumpsuits come with a 60-day easy return policy so that you can shop with confidence. Order today and get free shipping on your U.S. order of anti-strip jumpsuits!

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