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Helpful Aids for Seniors at Home

Seniors living at home
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Helpful aids for seniors to make tasks easier

Many seniors choose to live in the comfort of their home, and they are very happy with that choice. It helps them stay motivated, active, and stimulated. Staying at home can give you privacy, independence, and security. But living at home or by yourself does come with challenges.

While nursing care facilities equip the center with all the right aids that can help the elderly perform their daily tasks with ease, many seniors may not have the same safety equipment at home. Whether you are a caregiver who is taking care of their senior loved one at home or if you are a senior living in your own house, these helpful aids can make daily tasks easier and safer for you.

Bathroom aids

Grab Bars:

If a senior is in the post-surgery recovery phase or if they have advanced arthritis, grab bars are perfect for providing safety. With grab bars, getting up from the toilet seat, or coming in and out of the shower becomes easier and much safer. Caregivers can also feel relieved knowing their senior loved one has the support that they can use to maneuver themselves. Grab bars also help maintain balance if the elderly are feeling weak and are unable to stand properly. They are excellent for encouraging independent movement without seeking help from anyone.

Grip Bathmat:

One of the common areas where seniors tend to slip and fall is in the bathtub or the washroom. Strong and sturdy grip bathmats are useful when it comes to preventing accidental slips and falls. The extra-large suction cups on most good quality bathmats have drain holes in them and they are antibacterial for extra hygiene. Bathmats are comfortable to use and easy to clean.

Shower Chair:

Every senior or elder want their independence, no one wants to compromise on their privacy and dignity. A shower chair can provide the much-needed safety and stability a senior needs when they are in the shower. Shower chairs do not just provide a resting space for them, it allows them to remain seated steadily while they take a shower. This prevents slips and falls and enables them to feel confident and secure. Some shower chairs are designed to get a senior in and out of the shower safely because they have large handles/ grab bars attached to them.

Raised Toilet Seat:

Sitting down and getting up from the toilet seat is a struggle for some seniors or those with advanced arthritis or hip and knee problems. Getting up is even more difficult because of the strain on the knees or hips, and it is even more dangerous if someone had a surgery done. Specially designed raised toilet seats make standing up and sitting down easier and less stressful. Most toilet seats come with removable padded handles that are not just soft but also non-slip as well.

Bedroom aids:

Smart Vacuum:

Smart vacuums are easy to use and the user does not need to bend, pull, or tug at the wires while cleaning the house. Seniors can benefit from a wireless robot vacuum because they reduce human effort and are mechanically efficient. If your senior loved one has pets, they will love the robot vacuum because of its capability to remove anything from small particles to large debris from any kind of flooring. Dirt detecting sensors allow thorough cleaning and adjust the suction according to the floor type.

Bed Rail:

Are your parents prone to slips and falls? Do they get dizzy and are afraid to get up from the bed without help or assistance? Bed rails for elderly are excellent devices that can help them get up from the bed easily. They are also great for maintaining a senior’s independence even if they are not extremely sick. Bed rails are simple to install because they are attached to the bed without any complicated procedures. They are designed for those with weakness, decreased flexibility, poor balance or severe back pain and decreased mobility. Your senior loved one can also attach a wheelchair pouch to the bed rail to store their small belongings.

Slip Resistant Slippers:

One of the most important things to have in the house for safe walking are slip-resistant shoes and slippers. Slip-resistant slippers help prevent accidental slips and falls especially if the house is not carpeted. They are especially important when seniors make trips to the kitchen or late night visits to the washroom.

During the nightly trip to the washroom, it can be a hassle to have to put slippers on. But to remain safe it is important to still have slip-resistant footwear. Slip-resistant socks are the perfect solution. Gripper socks can be worn to bed, and that way you do not have to worry about putting anything on while taking your trip to the washroom.

Plug-in night lights:

Nightlights offer safety benefits for senior loved ones. There are many options to choose from and if you are a caregiver or family member looking for a gift, this would be the perfect one. Wall plug lights are great for extra light around the house and they provide a proper view in case seniors get up during the night for a trip to the kitchen or bathroom. There is a great variety on Amazon otherwise any local home hardware store also carries wall plug lights. Wall lights could prove to be very beneficial for fall prevention too.

Kitchen aids

Kitchen Mats:

Kitchens are normally not carpeted and can pose a danger for seniors who frequently go to the kitchen. Placing a non-slip mat in the kitchen is very helpful as it reduces the chances of falls and slides. Similarly, these mats can be placed in washrooms, bedrooms or near the entrance. Anti-fatigue mats are excellent for all ages because their weight holds them in place, and they are super soft to stand on. This mat makes it easy to stand, cook, or clean.

Kitchen Stool:

Good quality kitchen stools are great for seniors or elderly or anyone who is disabled. It looks more like a chair than a step stool because it has arms and a backrest for support. Padded and cushioned seats provide extra comfort especially for those with back pain. Your senior loved one will feel more confident and comfortable in the kitchen if they have a good chair with support to sit on for occasional rest periods. The handles make it easier to sit and stand. Seniors with mobility issues, back pain or any kind of weakness can benefit from a kitchen stool.

Cordless Kettle:

Hand weakness, arthritis, dementia or general weakness can make simple chores difficult. For seniors living at home, these simple chores can become dangerous if they do not have the right tools and equipment at home. Cordless glass kettles are light and easy to use. They also show clearly whether the water is boiling or has boiled. Ergonomic kettles that sit on a cradle and have a tilt mechanic to hold the kettle steady. Seniors do not need to lift the kettle to pour water. The only trouble with an ergonomic kettle is that it’s a bit bulky.


With the use of a grabber and a reacher tool, seniors do not need to kneel or bend to pick up things from the floor. A grabber can make everyday tasks easier. The best grabbers have an ergonomic design because of their comfortable handles, soft trigger grips, and rubberized jaw that can rotate. Some grabbers that are foldable and can be easily stored to avoid clutter around the house.

Do you have any other ideas for safe and secure home living for seniors? Leave a comment and let us know!


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