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8 Must-Have Adaptive Clothing for Elderly Women

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Unfortunately, regular clothing is not made with the needs of elderly people in mind. As you age, you will probably benefit from seeking adaptive clothing for women that is specifically designed around the needs of seniors, including limited range of motion and wheelchair use. Here are eight must-have adaptive clothing items for elderly women:

Pull-on Clothing

If you are still self dressing, perhaps the easiest option for you will be pull-on tops and bottoms. These styles do away with closures completely, making getting dressed or undressed a breeze. Make sure to look for women’s elastic waist pants that have loops at the waistband that will make it easier to pull the bottoms up and down. Also, look for tops that have wide necklines, which will make it easier to wiggle into them even if you have more limited upper body mobility.

Open Back Tops, Sweaters and Dresses

If you have very limited upper body mobility and need help getting dressed, then open-back tops might be the solution for you. These garments are designed with two back panels that completely overlap for modesty and warmth. The shoulder snaps are hidden in the seams so that the garment looks totally normal from the front. Open-back tops are available in many different styles to suit all tastes and weathers, including shirts, sweaters and even dresses for single garment dressing.

Feel More Comfortable in Your Day to Day with Adaptive Clothing for Women

Open Back Pants and Skirts 

Open-back styles are also available as pants and skirts for women. Adaptive pants for senior women are a particularly good choice for wheelchair users because these garments allow them to remain seated during the entire dressing process. As with the tops, the back panels overlap completely to preserve your dignity and make the pants or skirt comfortable to wear, and snaps at the waistband keep them securely fastened in place until you are ready to disrobe.

front and back of open back dress
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Duster House Dresses

Dresses are an excellent choice because they are an outfit in one piece, but don’t restrict your movements the way a jumpsuit might. Duster house dresses fit loosely and come in both pull-on and open-back styles to suit your needs. If you haven’t tried out this style of adaptive clothing for women, then it just might become your new favorite outfit.

Front Closure Bras

Putting on traditional back closure bras is difficult even if you have the full range of motion in your upper body, and many people find the underwire supremely uncomfortable anyway. You might prefer to switch to a wire-free front closure bra with snaps down the front, which are easier to put on and more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. There are also similar styles available that use the classic hook and eye closure — just on the front instead of the back — but some elderly women find the snaps easier to operate.

beige bra camisole
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Bra Camisoles

If you want to do away with closures altogether, then try a camisole with a built-in wire-free bra such as the one made by Breast Nest. This style is also available in a non-camisole version that just features the bra portion. Keep in mind that pull-on bras usually require more range of motion than front closure ones do, so if that is a consideration for you, you might be better off with a front closure bra.

Comfortable Nightgowns for Elderly

Adaptive Pajamas

Comfortable pajamas are a must-have addition for any collection of adaptive clothing for women. Nightgowns for the elderly are always a popular option, but you can also get pajama sets that consist of a matching top and bottom. All these garments are available in both pull-on and open-back styles so you always find one that works for you whether you dress yourself or need assistance.

Adaptive Outerwear

Women tend to run colder than men, and elderly women in particular get cold easily, so it’s important to have a wide selection of adaptive outerwear on hand. Whether you need a puffer vest with magnetic closures or a three-in-one poncho, shawl and scarf, we’ve got you covered with many different women’s outerwear options for both self and assisted dressing.

Time for a closet upgrade? Browse the women’s adaptive clothing selection at Silverts (and don’t forget to check out our men’s section as well). U.S. orders over $20 ship free, so take advantage of that and don’t be afraid to stock up!

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