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Open Back Wheelchair Pants

Are you or your loved one wheelchair dependent or unable to weight bear? Open Back Pants allow the caregiver to dress the one they are caring for from a seated position.

Video transcript

Is dressing or weight bearing a challenge? Try Silvert's open back adaptive designs.

The individual being dressed may remain in a seated position. The garment completely opens up, allowing the individual's legs to be placed in the pant leg opening, and drawn easily up to the waist.

The caregiver closes the dome closures, and the generous back overlap falls into place.

The back overlap provides full coverage while standing or transferring.

The person being dressed has been dressed in a struggle-free manner.

All of Silvert's adaptive designs are designed to withstand the rigors of industrial laundries.

Silvert's offers an unconditional money back guarantee. At Silvert's, our 77 years of experience offers you the best in affordable quality, service, and design.

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