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Open Back Hospital Nightgowns

Video transcript

Surprising as it may seem, there are medical gowns and sleepwear that offer you, or your loved one, dignity and comfort!

Often referred to as hospital patient gowns, back snap nightgowns, nursing home nightgowns, home health care gowns, johnnie shirts or johnnie gowns, Silvert's has the hospital clothing solutions to meet your needs!

How are Silvert's Hospital Gowns different?

  • No Pressure Points – Patients do not lay or rest on closures
  • Complete Dignity – Full back overlaps
  • Attractive – Look good & feel good
  • Comfort – Quality fabrics

How to Put on a Hospital Gown

  1. Dress from a seated or reclining position.
  2. Arms are easily inserted into gown sleeves.
  3. Gown is drawn up to the shoulders.
  4. Generous overlap covers the back.
  5. Snap closures on each shoulder are snapped into place.
  • Reclining individuals may be rolled over or lifted at the shoulders.
  • Shoulder snaps avoid uncomfortable pressure points unlike tie back gowns.

Complete coverage without ever standing!

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