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Vêtements adaptés et chaussures adaptées pour hommes et femmes
Vêtements adaptés chaussures adaptées, pantoufles adaptées pour aînés

Vêtements adaptés pour les soins à la maison et dans les maisons de retraite

Vêtements et chaussures adaptés pour femmes et hommes diabétiques

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Chaussures Antimicrobienne Extra Large pour Femme - Chaussures bande auto-agripantes pour pieds enflés
74,38 $ US
# d'article : 10500
  • Black

Chaussures extra larges pour hommes - Chaussures bande auto-agripantes pour pieds enflés
74,38 $ US
# d'article : 51000
  • Black
Chaussures protection antimicrobienne très larges très profondes pour femmes - Chaussures confortables antidérapantes pour femmes
65,08 $ US
# d'article : 10240
  • Beige
  • Black

Nouvelles Pantoufles avec fermetures de la marque VELCRO® -  Pantoufles à fermeture autoagrippante
43,69 $ US
# d'article : 10010
  • Black
Sandales pour l’intérieure & l’extérieure - Fermeture autoagrippante de la marque VELCRO®
43,69 $ US
# d'article : 10020
  • Black
Chaussures à bout ouvert pour femmes- Fermeture autoagrippante
30,67 $ US 46,48 $
Économisez jusqu'à 15,81 $
# d'article : 10030
  • Beige

Sandale à bout ouvert avec fermeture Ajustable - Très large
32,53 $ US 41,83 $
Économisez jusqu'à 9,30 $
# d'article : 10180

Chaussures/Pantoufles avec fermeture autoagrippante pour femmes
74,38 $ US
# d'article : 10260
  • Black

Pantoufles très larges - Pour femmes - Pantoufles pour la maison
37,18 $ US
# d'article : 10350
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Rose
 Sandales Larges Intérieur/Extérieur pour Femmes - Fermeture Ajustable avec Bande Autoagrippante
37,18 $ US
# d'article : 10370
  • Black
  • Natural
Pantoufles Extra-Larges pour Pieds Enflés -  Doux et Confortable
27,88 $ US
# d'article : 10390
  • Baby Pink
  • Black
  • Mauve

77 produits
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Vêtements pour besoins adaptés pour les patients diabétiques

Souliers, pantoufles, et chaussettes adaptés pour les patients diabétiques

Il y a beaucoup à considérer en achetant des chaussures pour diabétiques.

Bout renforcé large et profond — Solutions pour les diabétiques

Les chaussures diabétiques incluant les chaussettes, pantoufles et souliers auront besoin d'être sans compression et ajustable pour la bonne circulation et pour éviter les plaies.

  • Fermetures avec VELCROMD et ouvertures larges pour les fluctuations d'enflure.
  • Bout renforcé large et profond aide en réduisant l'irritation aux orteils et sans compression pour assurer une bonne circulation.
  • Chaussettes sans compression.

Évitez les irritants — Solutions pour les diabétiques

  • Les chaussettes n'auront pas de couture.
  • Les chaussettes sont antibactériennes. Cela évite les bactéries, les champignons, et la moisissure.
  • Semelles intérieures détachables pour ceux qui ont besoin d'orthèses

Assurer une bonne circulation — Solutions pour les diabétiques

La circulation devient un problème pour les personnes âgées

  • Chaussures fournissent de la chaleur aux pieds.
  • Les chaussures réduisent les points de pressions.

Silvert's peut vous aider en prenant soins de vos êtres chers. Vous pouvez commander les vêtements et les chaussures sur notre site internet aujourd'hui.

Les chaussures suivantes sont quelques exemples :

Special Needs Elderly Diabetic Footwear/Clothing for People with Diabetes

Diabetic Friendly Shoes, Slippers, and Sock Solutions

There are a number of considerations to take into account when purchasing Diabetic Slippers, Diabetic Shoes and Diabetic Socks

A Bit About Why Diabetic Feet Need "Special" Shoes

Diabetes is when your body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or it produces no insulin. Type 1 diabetes is when you don’t produce any, and type two is where the body produces either too little or the body is resistant to insulin.

A common side effect of diabetes is "peripheral neuropathy," which causes loss of sensation in the limbs. Shoes that don't fit properly which rub or pinch the feet can lead to ulceration and foot injury. This can be because the diabetic person does not feel the injury until it is too late. A properly fitted diabetic shoe is very important in preventing injuries and helps to reduce pain by having proper foot care. Our diabetic shoes are specially designed to fit the diabetic foot. They feature extra width and depth in the toe box and forefoot to relieve pressure from other areas of the foot.

Diabetic shoes are often wider and deeper than regular shoes, to make room for special diabetic insoles. Insoles for diabetics are generally custom-made for the patient's feet, This is to ensure proper fit vand minimize rubbing and uneven weight distribution, preventing injury. However we have designed various types of inserts which may be used instead of custom inserts, They even heat-molded to help with pressure distribution.

Wide Widths, High Toe Boxes — Diabetic Solutions

Diabetic footwear including socks and shoes/slippers should be non-constrictive and adjustable in order to accommodate poor circulation and the risk of sores, pain and irritations. These two features accommodate for poor circulation and the risk of sores, pain and irritations.

  • VELCRO® brand closures and wideopenings allow you to adjust to any changes in swelling throughout the day. The generous closures allow adjustment while maintaining a proper fit. These are two important factors in Diabetic Shoes and Slippers
  • High Toe boxes in Diabetic Shoes and Slippers aid to reduce toe irritations and help keep good blood circulation.
  • Non-constrictive socks stretch to accommodate swelling.

Avoid Irritants — Diabetic Footwear Solutions

  • Socks should be seamless to prevent irritation.
  • Moisture wicking and anti-bacterial resistant socks play important factors in Diabetic Footwear infection prevention. Silver ions help aid in Anti-microbial protection against bacteria, fungus and mildew.
  • Removable insoles are important for those that require orthotic inserts.

Promote Circulation — Diabetic Solutions

Circulation becomes an issue for mobile seniors who require products such as Diabetic Shoes and Slippers

  • Diabetes Footwear that provides additional warmth to help promote circulation.
  • Diabetes Footwear that reduces pressure points to aid in circulation.

Let Silvert's help you care for your parents and or loved ones. Add our diabetic footwear to your cart, and you can order comfortable and attractive Diabetes Shoes and Slippers directly from Silvert's website today!

If you find that you need something for the nighttime, just to throw on that will keep your feet warm, Silvert’s has footwear for you. Fleece lining booties are great for a slip on slipper to make short trips to the washroom and back.

The following are just a few examples of products and prices of top quality clothing & footwear that may assist with dressing issues for those limited by diabetes living. These include diabetes shirts and pants as well as footwear!

What socks are good for swollen ankles?

Diabetic socks and socks for edema legs are an excellent choice for swollen feet and swollen ankles for women & men. Socks for diabetes offer wider widths and a non constrictive fit.

Diabetic socks are designed for different levels of swelling and can accommodate fluctuation in swelling. Often one foot or ankle may have more swelling and socks that can compensate for this are extremely beneficial.

How can I reduce the swelling in my feet?

Some home remedies for swollen feet include; drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, buying compression socks, soaking feet in a cool epsom salt bath for about 15 - 20 minutes, elevating your feet (preferably above the heart).

Other home remedies for swollen feet may include; moving feet a little bit every hour or massaging your feet.

What shoes are best for swollen feet?

VELCRO® brand strap fastener closure shoes for women & men that adjust for different levels of swelling and can accommodate fluctuation in swelling.

Often one foot or ankle may have more swelling and footwear that can compensate for this is extremely beneficial.

Wider width shoes allow for the increased sizing that swollen feet may require without having to go up in size. This reduces the risk of falls due to wearing oversized shoes or slippers just to accommodate swelling.

Soft or flexible materials that mold to the foot and allow for swelling.

Specialty shoes designed for swelling and edema.

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