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Do you have breast discomfort while sleeping? A sleep bra is the solution for you. Sleep bras are designed to have no harsh wires, and comfortable fabric, to ensure that you get the most comfortable sleep with just enough support to reduce all breast discomfort.

Why Breasts Cause Sleep Problems:

Breast discomfort during sleep can happen for multiple reasons. It could be the size, post surgical or even simply the position you are sleeping in, or in some cases wearing a bra might just be generally more comfortable than not. Even the idea of wanting to wear one to prevent breast sagging, but don't want a wire or push up. This will prevent sagging but still allow you to sleep comfortably. If any of these reasons apply to you, Silvert’s has the bra solutions, with options so you can find the bra for you. If you require wearing a bra to bed, you need to ensure that the bra will help you sleep not impede it.

What to look for in a good sleep bra:

No pressure Points:

A good sleep bra is designed to not leave any pressure points or harsh lines in your skin. Comfortable, stretchy material that will move the way you do while sleeping. A comfortable bra will allow you to have no harsh wires or pressure points while sleeping. This way your skin wakes up feeling fresh and ready for the day. Silvert's has a wire free bra design allow you to have some support, but still keeping breasts secure to reduce pain and discomfort. Wide straps will distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, to help with ensuring that no harsh lines are left on your shoulders when you wake up.

Front Closures/No Closures

Front closure options are available for individuals with limited mobility. This will reduce the time and effort spent fastening up the bra and having to struggle to turn it or fasten it from the back. This also alleviates any discomfort from pressure points due to the back fastening. With the front closure, you are now able to have no harsh hooks or fastenings on your back when sleeping. Silvert's front fastenings come in two separate types, the dome snap closures and hook closures. Dome snap closures are great for lowered hand dexterity, allowing an easy snap, so you don't have to fuss with hooks or buttons. The other option is the hook fastenings, these come in two different styles, multiple hooks, in two fabrics, 100% cotton for sensitive skin, or a nylon fabric for the perfect amount of stretch. The second type of hook fastenings are three large hooks with easy touch closures on the hooks to ensure the easiest fastenings possible. This is very helpful in senior dressing. If a senior needs a sleeping bra to combat uncomfortable sleeping, these fastenings will allow seniors to do up the bra efficiently and without struggle. If a senior has assisted dressing, it will be easier on the caregiver who is dressing the senior, as well as less time trying to dress the senior.

If the front fastenings are still too uncomfortable to sleep in, Silvert's has a second option of bras that are made in sports bras fashions. These go over the head and have no hooks to have a comfortable sleep with no fastenings. This will give you the great comfort you need to sleep. Silvert's adaptive sports bras come in a cotton, great for skin sensitivities, as well as a modal fabric, which will hug you like a glove, but still wick away moisture. This moisture wicking bra is Silvert’s newest product the “BreastNest”.

Our “BreastNest” sleep bra offers beautifully soft modal fabric. This fabric will not only leave you feeling like you are sleeping in a cloud, but the fabric is also moisture wicking! This is perfect for sensitive skin, or problems with heat rash. This style is offered in two lengths, a mid drift and tank top. This bra is designed to make it feel like you aren't even wearing a bra! The design will allow breasts to fall in a natural position but then providing full coverage to make sure you are comfortable going bra-less. This design lets you feel free, with full movement. This provides maximum comfort in sleeping, allowing breasts to fall in a natural position but keeping them safe during sleep.

Silvert's offers two lengths, either the classic mid drift length or a full figure option. The full figure option is similar to a regular tank top or camisoles with a built in bra. This is often similar to a sports bra fit into a shirt. As well, the back of all tops will provide a thick back, whether it is a racer back or simply a nice thick length across mid back, to distribute the pressure that holds the structure. Silvert’s ensures for large areas on the back to accommodate any hunches that happen in older seniors, as well as more comfortable weight distribution. With a full back, it is less likely that anyone will wake up with pressure points or lines along the back. More surface area allows for less pressure in one given area, to make more comfort when sleeping. This makes women able to sleep in any position and still have the comfort they need.

Silvert's want you to sleep soundly, without any discomfort while you fall asleep, to during your sleep and finally when waking up. This includes four key features in a good sleep bra: no harsh wires, comfortable fastenings, forgiving fabric, and breathable. Silvert's strives to provide just enough coverage and support to keep your comfortable during sleep. This way you can sleep with maximum comfort, so you can have a good sleep.

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