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Footwear - Women's Diabetic Footwear Footwear

VELCRO® Brand Closure Women's Extra Wide Open-Toe Shoes - Skid Resistant
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Extra Wide Fleece Slippers For Women - Slip-Resistant Tread
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Extra Deep Extra Wide Womans Sandals Shoes Or Slippers Open Toed Indoor Outdoor With Adjustable Closing Straps’
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Item: 91114
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Why Should I Wear Slippers If I Have Diabetes?

If you are a person with diabetes, you are at much greater risk of developing problems with your feet, such as; foot ulcers, blisters, sores or serious infection. Silvert’s diabetic slippers are designed especially with sensitive vulnerable feet in mind, in every aspect the slipper is ergonomically crafted so not only protect the foot but comfort it in the best possible way and minimise the chance of any issue that may be caused from normal slippers or wearing no slippers at all around the house.

Silvert’s diabetic slippers are built with super soft uppers and have extra depth construction, the soft non-binding upper with extra wide toe box relieves any pressure that may be put on hammertoes and bunions by an ordinary slipper. The superior cushioned design on the inside the shoe eases any stress placed on the pressure points of the feet, much like the ball of the foot.

Diabetic slippers are highly recommended to be used around the house and in the garden, they are built with a lightweight design and very agile so that they never get in the way or prevent you from carrying out an everyday task. People who have diabetes are advised to wear slippers around the house, to avoid injuries such as stubbing a toe, standing on a dangerous item or falling over unbalanced. Diabetic slippers offer you protection from the everyday injuries which are capable of turning into something much more serious.

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A large percentage of our customers are caregivers who purchase adaptive clothing, elderly clothing and/or elderly footwear for their loved ones. Silvert's understands the difficulty of purchasing on others behalf and the caregiver's need for a full return and exchange policy.

For many this may be your first time purchasing adaptive clothing or adaptive shoes for your loved one. Questions may arise such as: what is adaptive nursing home clothing? or what size clothing should I order? Silvert's Customer Service Department is pleased to respond to all your questions and phone 1-800-387-7088, Email [email protected] or by Online Chat during regular business hours (EST).