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Sale / Specials - Men's Senior Clothing & Footwear

Full Elastic Waist Pants For Men - Pull On Cotton Rugger Elastic Waist Pants - High Waisted Pants Wide Leg Pants
From $43.69 US $49.27
Save $5.58
Item: 50790
  • Beige
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Navy
Quality Fleece Tracksuit/ Sweatsuit For Men
$37.18 US $74.38
Save $37.20
Item: 50530
  • Burgundy/navy
  • Black/red
  • Navy/grey
Men's Short Sleeve Dress Shirt
$8.35 US $23.23
Save $14.88
Item: 90161
  • White

Wide - Comfortable Stretchable Adjustable Walking Shoes For Men - Edema & Diabetic Shoes
$185.53 US $195.30
Save $9.77
Item: 10205
  • Black

Mens Conventional Boxer Shorts - Size Small
From $4.64 US $9.28
Save $4.64
Item: 50270
  • Assorted

Mens Washable Dress Pants - Easy Care Trousers - Wide Leg Pants
From $32.53 US $39.97
Save $7.44
Item: 50190
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Brown
Mens Conventional Washable Long Sleeve Dress Shirt
$12.07 US $27.88
Save $15.81
Item: 50320
  • White
  • Blue

Mens Stretch Shoe With Adjustable Strap
$55.78 US $92.98
Save $37.20
Item: 50990
  • Black
  • Brown

Men’s Quality Blazer Jacket
$27.88 US $92.53
Save $64.65
Item: 90667
  • Wine
  • Navy
Men’s Quality Sport Blazer
$27.88 US $92.53
Save $64.65
Item: 90668
  • Assorted
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Seniors will benefit from the ease of wear and care Silvert's adaptive apparel provides. As your needs change, we will be there with safe, warm and comfortable clothing to help keep dressing simple and dignified. Our line of older men's clothes looks great and is easy to wear!

More information about clothing for senior citizens...

Silverts, the original adaptive clothing supplier, has been pleased to make dressing easier for disabled adults, seniors and the elderly by offering the largest selection of quality affordable adaptive clothing and adaptive footwear for over 88 years.

A large percentage of our customers are caregivers who purchase adaptive clothing and/or elderly footwear for their loved ones. Silvert's understands the difficulty of purchasing on others behalf and the caregiver's need for a full return and exchange policy.

For many this may be your first time purchasing adaptive clothing or adaptive shoes for your loved one. Questions may arise such as: what is adaptive nursing home clothing? or what size clothing should I order? Silvert's Customer Service Department is pleased to respond to all your questions and phone 1-800-387-7088, Email or by Online Chat during regular business hours (EST).