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Seniors will benefit from the ease of wear and care Silvert's adaptive clothing for adults. As your needs change, we will be there with safe, warm and comfortable clothing to help keep dressing simple and dignified. Our line of older men's clothes looks great and is easy to wear!

Silvert’s offers a wide range of adaptive clothing for adults to cater for the many different needs or requirements that people may look for in a new shirt or clothing garment. Our adaptive clothing for adults range may be needed by people who have a physical disability, elderly people or people who may experience difficulty getting themselves dressed as a result of an inability to to operate closure points on regular clothing such as; buttons and zippers or it could be due to said person not having full range of movement required to dress themselves.

Silvert’s mens adaptive clothing is available in many different varieties of colors and designs. We have multiple mens adaptive clothing shirts which feature magnetic buttons to assist people who struggle with operating the conventional button up shirt, or those who suffer with parkinson’s disease. We have easy access zip up tracksuit tops to make an easy yet fashionable alternative to normal tracksuits and comfy wear. The adaptive clothing range that Silvert’s proudly sells ensures that all users safety is the main priority, they ensure that clothing getting caught and causing severe injury or Elasticized elements of the garments support blood flow.

Mens adaptive clothing lines do not have to appear like ‘old man clothes’ or unfashionable, our range of adaptable clothing incorporate classic men’s clothing styles and flattering age appropriate styles with ease of use and wash ability. All of our clothing ranges are specially designed to fit many body types whilst being crafted with super soft materials to make sure quality is not sacrificed for ease of use, and the adaptive clothing is created to avoid any irritation and rubbing on the skin.

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Silverts, the original adaptive clothing supplier, has been pleased to make dressing easier for disabled adults, seniors and the elderly by offering the largest selection of quality affordable adaptive clothing and adaptive footwear for over 89 years.

A large percentage of our customers are caregivers who purchase adaptive clothing, elderly clothing and/or elderly footwear for their loved ones. Silvert's understands the difficulty of purchasing on others behalf and the caregiver's need for a full return and exchange policy.

For many this may be your first time purchasing adaptive clothing or adaptive shoes for your loved one. Questions may arise such as: what is adaptive nursing home clothing? or what size clothing should I order? Silvert's Customer Service Department is pleased to respond to all your questions and phone 1-800-387-7088, Email [email protected] or by Online Chat during regular business hours (EST).