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Disabled Adaptive Clothing for Women & Men
Senior Clothing / Elderly Clothing, Shoes & Slippers

Disabled Clothing for Home Health Care & Nursing Home Residents

How can Arthritis Clothing help?

Silvert's offers a full line of clothing for those with arthritis that offers independent dressing designs with elastic waists, magnets, zippers and Easy Touch or VELCRO® brand closures, these specially designed closures provide easy to manipulate dressing options when buttons become an issue.

When mobility becomes more problematic try open back adaptive clothing. Adaptive open back tops offer a quick and easy way of dressing a person who has various degrees of upper arm paralysis. Open back adaptive wheelchair pants offer easy seated dressing solutions when weight bearing becomes impossible.

Glamorise Plus Bras Front Closing Arthritic Full Support Bras
From $37.18 US $49.27
Save $12.09
Item: 18420
  • White
Adaptive Top For Women - Open Back Top For Women
From $34.39 US
Item: 23180
  • Black Sparkle
  • Blue/beige
  • Navy Floral
  • Navy Sparkle
  • Red Sparkle
  • Desert Beige
  • Navy Dot

Wheelchair Blanket Cover For Women & Men - Wheel Chair Cover
$37.18 US
Item: 30210
  • Aubergine/charcoal
  • Pink/gray
  • Skyblue/midnight
  • Steelblue/navy
  • Taupe/black

Pretty Womens Adaptive Open Back Top - Grommet And Ribbon Trimmed Neckline
From $34.39 US $52.99
Save $18.60
Item: 22580
  • Navy
  • Purple

Fashionable Eye-Catching Adaptive Tshirt Top - Adaptive Apparel Tops
$27.88 US $37.18
Save $9.30
Item: 23370
  • Berry
  • Dusty Blue
  • Lilac
  • Turquoise

Stylish Womens Angled Hem Adaptive Top - Open Back Top
41% OFF  
From $32.53 US $55.78
Save $23.25
Item: 22590
  • Blue Stripe
  • Pink Stripe
  • Yellow Stripe

Elegant Open Back Adaptive Dress For Women - Long Sleeve Length
50% OFF  
From $32.53 US $65.08
Save $32.55
Item: 21090
  • Flare Print
  • Midnight Bloom
Pretty Embroidered Adaptive Top For Women - Open Back Scalloped Neck Top For Women
From $32.53 US $39.97
Save $7.44
Item: 22530
  • Gray Melange
  • Eggplant
  • Dark Rose
  • Peacock

Conventional Quality Fleece Tracksuit Pants For Women - Elastic Waist
From $32.53 US
Item: 14120
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Sport Gray
  • Red
Adaptive Open Side Fleece Pants For Arthritis - Easy Touch Closures Elastic Waist Pants
From $41.83 US
Item: 24000
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Navy
  • Royal
  • Red

Womens Extra Wide Swollen Feet Slippers - Soft Cozy Comfortable
$27.88 US
Item: 10390
  • Baby Pink
  • Mauve
  • Black

Elegant Adaptive Top For Women - Disabled Adults Open Back Top
From $27.88 US $41.83
Save $13.95
Item: 23200
  • Coral Abstract
  • Elegant Blue
  • White Dots

Womens Stylish Winter Weight Adaptive Top - Disabled Adults Keyhole Neck Open Back Top
From $27.88 US $44.62
Save $16.74
Item: 24510
  • Azure
  • Blush
  • Lavender

Womens Adaptive Snap Back Top - Elderly Clothing And Disabled Adults
From $32.53 US $41.83
Save $9.30
Item: 24620
  • Blue
  • Coral
  • Denim/blush
  • Peri/green
Fancy Neck Open Back Top For Women - Flared 3/4 Sleeves
From $34.39 US $55.78
Save $21.39
Item: 22570
  • Black Print
  • Navy Print

Stretch Knit Adaptive Wheelchair Users Pant - Disabled Womens Apparel
From $41.83 US
Item: 23380
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • Navy
  • Red
  • Rose
  • Taupe
Womens VELCRO® Brand Closure Indoor & Outdoor Extra Wide Sandals
$43.69 US
Item: 10020
  • Black

Womens Fleece Cardigan - Two Pocket Button Front Cardigans
$41.83 US
Item: 13690
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Navy
Wheelchair Bags / Walker Bags - Quality Walker Pouch - Bedside Railing Pouch
$27.88 US
Item: 30150
  • Black

VELCRO® Brand Closure Slippers - Womens Extra Wide Slippers- Skid Resistant
$43.69 US
Item: 10010
  • Black

Wheelchair Adaptive Dress For Women -  Ladies Winter Weight Adaptive Apparel Dress
46% OFF  
From $37.18 US $69.73
Save $32.55
Item: 21060
  • Berry
  • Cobalt
  • New Blue
  • New Coral
  • Red
  • Navy

Womens / Mens Deep Wide Foot Protectors Adjustable Closures-Health Care
$46.48 US
Item: 10090
  • Navy

Attractive Quality Adaptive Sweater
50% OFF  
$37.18 US $74.38
Save $37.20
Item: 27360
  • Heather Grey
Womens Soft Sweater Knit Adaptive Top - Open Back Wheelchair Top For Women
From $27.88 US $37.18
Save $9.30
Item: 22910
  • Dark Teal
  • Multi-weave
  • Blue/ivory
  • Pink/gray

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Getting the right shoes will make a difference for a vast majority of foot problems and appropriate footwear is one of the most important things you can do for your feet which should not be underestimated. Your feet may change shape as you get older, especially if you have arthritis, so you may need to try a different size or width fitting, Luckily Silvert’s have a wide variety of shoes to meet the needs of any customer. If the footwear protects against injuries, supports them and keeps them warm, dry and comfortable, it is the greatest step in helping your feet.

Shoes are a vital element in preventing arthritis pain, wearing the wrong shoe if you are someone who suffers from arthritis in their hips, knees, ankles or feet it can certainly exacerbate existing problems and, down the road, cause damage and complications to many joints beyond the feet. Silvert’s have a host of different shoes to help arthritis such as our wide selection of slip-resistant shoes for women, they all offer many benefits compared to an original shoe. Many people who suffer from arthritis comply to a few common mistakes when it comes to selecting their footwear:

Many people wear their ‘favorite pair of sneakers’ all too much, even if they are a foot friendly shoe. When a sneaker is over worn each step forces the foot into a certain shape which has been molded out, over time that can strain bones, muscles and joints, and lead to stress injuries and a great deal of pain and discomfort. People shoe shop at the wrong time, many people who are shopping for new shoes may shop in the morning or when swelling is reduced. This creates a lot of stress and pressure on the foot as soon as the foot or joints may swell, creating severe pain and undue discomfort. Silvert’s range of arthritis slip-resistant shoes for women are adjustable which can therefore adapt to the different constraints which your feet may present. Wearing the wrong shoe size, many people are adamant about their shoe size and may be led to believe it is a certain thing that is not suspect to change. The foot can change shoe for many different reasons, especially people with arthritis, the swelling of joints can cause a person's feet to gain or lose a shoe size. Our range of slip-resistant shoes for women are made from a soft stretchable upper material so regardless of the shape of size of a foot it ensures comfort comes first and it is always well supported.

Why Wear Slip-Resistant Shoes?

If you are a woman who has arthritis a pair from our range of slip-resistant shoes for women is highly advised. The joints and surrounding muscles require special care to avoid any additional strain pressure which can lead to severe pain or injury. Slip-resistant shoes for women ensure that the foot is stable with each step and prevents unnecessary stress which may occur with a normal shoe if you become unbalanced.

Slip-Resistant Shoes For Women With Arthritis & Clothing On Sale. Women's Adaptive Clothing. Elastic Waist Pull On Jeans, Polyester Pants, Tracksuits / Sweatsuits, Nightgowns, Easy Access Wrap Skirt, Magnetic Closing Shirts, Zipper Front Jeans, Front Closure Bras, Wheelchair Jeans, Comfortable & Stretchable Shoes, Tshirts.

More information about arthritis clothing...

Silverts, the original adaptive clothing supplier, has been pleased to make dressing easier for disabled adults, seniors and the elderly by offering the largest selection of quality affordable adaptive clothing and adaptive footwear for over 89 years.

A large percentage of our customers are caregivers who purchase adaptive clothing, elderly clothing and/or elderly footwear for their loved ones. Silvert's understands the difficulty of purchasing on others behalf and the caregiver's need for a full return and exchange policy.

For many this may be your first time purchasing adaptive clothing or adaptive shoes for your loved one. Questions may arise such as: what is adaptive nursing home clothing? or what size clothing should I order? Silvert's Customer Service Department is pleased to respond to all your questions and phone 1-800-387-7088, Email or by Online Chat during regular business hours (EST).