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Adaptive clothing is specially designed clothing to help make it easier for people who have difficulty dressing. Having clothing that has been adapted can make such a positive difference in a person's life by giving them the independence to continue to dress themselves or enable carers to dress them with ease and comfort.


Silverts uses easy touch hook and loop, easy snaps, magnetic closures, elastic waists and zippers to make dressing easier. Women's and men's adaptive apparel offers independent dressing and assisted clothing for home care, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes and care homes.


When mobility becomes an issue, Silverts' line of adaptive clothing offers innovative designs to help solve dressing challenges. Silverts carries adaptive wear designed specifically for people with Dementia, allowing easier daily dressing for both your loved one and their caregivers.


Dressing is one of the daily routines that arthritis impacts. Adaptive apparel is a perfect solution for anyone who struggles with independent dressing. Silverts offers easy dressing solutions for those who have difficulty dressing due to arthritis.

Diabetic Footwear

Silverts diabetic footwear including socks and shoes/slippers are non-constrictive and designed to fit swollen feet. They also help relieve pressure from other areas of the foot making daily walking easier and safer.


When lowered mobility becomes an issue Silverts' full line of adaptive disabled clothing/apparel for disabled adults/people offers seated dressing designs to resolve all your dressing challenges.

Edema Shoes & Clothing

Swollen feet or body may be a sign of edema in the elderly. Silverts' functional clothing and footwear can accommodate different levels of swelling making daily dressing a lot easier.

Elderly Needs Clothing & Shoes

Are you looking for comfortable clothing/apparel for elderly women and men that is easy to slip on? Our stylish clothes are just what you are looking for! Our adaptive clothing offers attractive styles and classic designs with easy wash and wear fabric.


Are you looking for adaptive handicap clothing for those who are disabled? It is challenging to find fashionable handicap or wheelchair clothing that makes life easier for those with lowered mobility. Silverts specializes in special needs clothing designs for adults with disabilities.

Hospital Gowns

Silverts hospital gowns come with a generous overlap at the back and provide complete dignity to the senior or anyone who's wearing a hospital gown.  These are great for seniors and the elderly because they can shop from a large variety of hospital gowns made with super soft material.

Hospital Clothing for Patients

Caregivers love Silverts open back hospital clothing for patients. Adaptive dressing solutions feature functional features such as open back tops, side open pants and antimicrobial protection to keep your senior loved ones or stroke patients safe and comfortable.

Nursing Home

At Silverts, we understand that the daily dressing routine can be stressful. When mobility, dexterity and illness interfere, our adaptive apparel for individuals in nursing homes is designed with functional features to help make dressing a simpler task.


Parkinson's clothing provides easy dressing and easy access solutions. When lowered mobility becomes an issue Silverts' full line of adaptive clothing offers practical dressing designs to resolve all your dressing challenges.

Post Operation

Trying to dress after surgery or an operation can be difficult. Due to limited mobility and discomfort, you want to find easy dressing solutions. Silverts cares about your comfort, your security and provides a huge variety of clothing and accessories perfect for post operation.


Adaptive clothing provides easy dressing solutions for seniors and disabled. Clothes for seniors should be easy to wear so they do not have to struggle needlessly with narrow neck openings or difficult to button pant waist bands to dress or undress.

Swollen Feet

Adaptive Footwear offers wider openings, to allow the foot to slide into the shoe. Each wide opening serves a double purpose to allow for any swelling in the ankle. The adaptable shoes feature easy touch closures and allow for adjustment.


Adaptive clothing is essential for wheelchair users or anyone who is experiencing a disability. Easy dressing solutions provide ease of dressing, faster and efficient changes, and safer methods of getting dressed.

Wide Feet

The extra wide width slipper can help for a variety of problems. Adaptive shoes have a large opening that can accommodate wide widths. The generous amount of easy touch fastening will also allow lots of adjustment to fit your foot even if it's swollen.

Recovery Wear

Post-operative care for seniors is an extremely important step to a successful and health recovery. It is not easy to change a patient's clothes after they have had an arm surgery, but there are dressing solutions that can make post-op recovery easier.


You can never go wrong with a cozy accessory. Adaptive accessories could range from non-skid socks to lap blankets or maybe a beautiful bed jacket that they can wear indoors or outdoors. Other accessories include bibs, bed jackets, and walker bags that can make daily routines easier for your senior loved ones.

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