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Silverts patient clothing resolves the struggles associated with dressing seniors, patients, and those with disabilities. When healthcare professionals, caregivers or family members have to dress their patients or seniors with conventional hospital clothes, they have to struggle with narrow neck openings or uncomfortable buttons. And if patients need changes throughout the day, caregivers have to perform repetitive tasks that lead to exhaustion and physical pain. Silverts adaptive dressing solutions for patients makes dressing, changing, and caregiving easier with functional features such as side open pants, open back hospital gowns, shirts with magnetic closures and slip resistant slippers/ shoes.

Silverts medical patient clothing provides struggle free seated dressing designs for easy convenient patient dressing. Maybe you had an arm/ shoulder/ surgery done? Many patients suffer with pain when they are being dressed using conventional clothing especially during their post-op recovery phase. It is difficult to raise your arm if you had a rotator cuff surgery or if you have a dislocated shoulder. Why suffer when you can opt for adaptive clothing that offers a solution for all your patient clothing needs?

What are some of the patient clothing options?

Full Dignity Hospital gowns:

Adaptive clothing/tops completely open, allowing the individuals arms to be slid into the garment sleeves without ever having to raise/lower their arms or struggle with small neck openings. Silverts hospital gowns for women and men are beneficial for a variety of reasons. They are not just easy to put but provide complete dignity and coverage to the patient or the senior.

Open back tops: Whether you are a patient in the hospital or a patient recovering at home, adaptive open back tops provide the right solution for easy dressing. For post-operative patients, everyday garments may also put too much pressure on the surgical site–or chafe against it–resulting in discomfort and pain. That is why adaptive clothing features minimal seams for ultimate comfort and wide openings that make dressing a less taxing experience, even with limited joint mobility.

Slip resistant socks:

Slipper socks are great for post op recovery at home because they prevent accidental slips and falls when you are walking around the house or using a walker. Hospitals utilize these socks with grips in helping prevent falls. Slip resistant footwear socks are terrific for adult patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing homes and retirement homes.

Magnetic closure shirts:

Easy hidden clothing magnets on our magnetic closing shirts are strong enough to stay closed when you want and easy to open when you need them to. This magnet fastening shirt features terrific dressing for those with lowered hand dexterity when paralysis is an issue caused by arthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and Stroke. Magnet buttons are machine washable. Magnetic closures allow you to get dressed faster as well

Elastic Waist Pants:

For those recovering from a surgery, buttons become problematic due to lowered hand dexterity or overall weakness. Silverts elastic waist pants are the perfect after surgery clothing because they can be pulled on with ease and they can be taken of with the same comfort. You may know someone who is recovering from a spine surgery, spinal stenosis, or general back pain, these elastic waist pants will make it easy for them to dress or have a caregiver dress them.