Elderly Clothing

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Elderly Clothing & Apparel for Men & Women

If you simply want comfortable clothing/apparel for elderly women and men that's easy to slip on or take off, Silverts adaptive apparel for men and women is just what you need. Elderly clothing and apparel for women and men offer attractive styles that can withstand industrial washing or laundering.

What are the Benefits of Elderly Clothing for Seniors, Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals?

Helping Seniors: Adaptive Clothing is specially designed for seniors and people with disabilities to make life easier for them. Senior citizens who have difficulty dressing themselves can choose Silverts independent dressing or self dressing options for women or men. With easy dressing functionality such as shirts with magnetic closures, side open pants, wrap skirts and wheelchair pants, seniors can dress or be dressed with ease, comfort and safety.

Helping Caregivers: For disabled, the elderly and infirm, wheelchair users, or people who live with a condition or illness that makes day to day dressing a struggle, caregivers can choose Silverts assisted dressing options for women and men to make caregiving easier.

Caregivers and caretakers can reduce dressing time while practicing safe social distancing and physical distancing measures. With conventional clothing, caregivers and healthcare professionals often find themselves lifting and moving the elderly or their patients to dress them. With adaptive clothing functionality, the individual can remain in place while being dressed.

Helping Healthcare workers: For healthcare workers, dressing a patient with limited or no mobility presents hazards to both the patient and the caregiver. Lifting a patient incorrectly or without a gait belt puts you at risk for straining your back, and getting tangled in the clothes can lead to tripping or falling. How does adaptive apparel help healthcare professionals? Adaptive clothing often reduces or completely limits the need to lift the patient, and it also makes it easier to guide the clothing on and off without the fabric getting in the way.