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Silverts’ Amputee Clothing

Looking for amputee clothing? Silverts offers a range of adaptive clothing for amputees, whether they are arm or leg amputees. With our convenient adaptive clothing features, such as magnetic buttons and zippers along with elastic waists and easy pull tabs, an amputee loved one or yourself can dress independently and with dignity while looking stylish. Plus, our adaptive tops and bottoms are a nice option for leg amputees, arm amputees and those with lowered hand dexterity. 

Clothing for Arm Amputees

Shop Silverts’ adaptive clothing for arm amputees especially our adaptive tops offered in a variety of cuts and styles that make dressing easier. Choose from features like a discreet back overlap that offers complete coverage and snap closures at the shoulders for single-handed dressing or with the assistance of caregivers.  

Clothing for Leg Amputees

Silverts also offers clothing for leg amputees, including adaptive bottoms. Discover a wide range of adaptive-oriented features to make dressing easier, such as easy-grip pull up pants with elastic waistbands, wide side grips and wide leg openings. With a wider leg opening, an amputee can easily dress and slide the leg over leg casts, AFOs and even swollen legs and ankles for diabetics. 

Shop Silverts’ Amputee Clothing

Silverts’ adaptive clothing for amputees is a wonderful option for independent amputees, disabled adults and those in nursing facilities, long-term care facilities and home care settings. Explore our many clothing options today and find the perfect ensemble to make dressing easier. Shop more adaptive clothing or shop by need to discover all our clothing styles.