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Do you have bunion pain? Are you having trouble wearing your old shoes, because your feet won't fit in them anymore? Silvert's has shoes to fit your bunions. With wide and extra wide options, Silvert's can fit any kind of bony bump on the foot. Silvert's has shoe options that have wide toe boxes, which will prevent bunions from coming back or getting worse. Often narrow toe boxes or high heeled shoes are the cause of bunions, so eliminate the possibility by getting Silvert's shoes. Add extra comfort by getting extra wide slippers so your feet can be comfortable and supported indoors and outdoors.

Men's Extra Wide Comfort Step Shoes - Easy Touch Footwear For Swollen Feet
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Item: 51000
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Extra Wide Extra Deep Shoes For Women -  Slip Resistant Comfortable Walking Shoes
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Mens Extra Deep Extra Wide Walking Shoes - Slip Resistant Comfort Walking Shoes
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Propet Shoes Extra Wide Walking Shoes - Womens Leather Shoe Sneakers
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Womens Orthopedic Slip On Shoe Sandal – Wide Adjustable Diabetic Edema Shoe Sandal
$111.60 US
Item: 87160
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Womens Wide VELCRO® Brand Orthopedic Sandals - Adjustable Edema Diabetic Sandals
$181.35 US
Item: 87270
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Extra Extra Wide Double Deep Orthopaedic Stretchable Mens Shoe - Pedors Classic Max Mens Shoes - Diabetic Shoes
$190.65 US
Item: 87550
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Men's Wide Adjustable Open Toe Shoes / Sandals
$148.80 US
Item: 87600
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Mens Wide VELCRO® Brand Orthopedic Sandals - Adjustable Edema Diabetic Sandals
$181.35 US
Item: 87630
  • Beige
  • Brown

A hallux valgus is more commonly known as a bunion. A bunion includes a bump that is located at the base of the big toe, more specifically in the first metatarsophalangeal joint – which is the joint of the big toe. A bunion can also occur on the otherside of your foot near the base of your baby toe. This bump feels like a bone – almost creating one long bone - and is created from your big toe pushing against the second toe, making the joint stick out and eventually gets bigger. Having this extra protrusion can cause extreme pain in narrow shoes or when something is being rubbed against it. A smaller one can also form on the other side of your foot on the joint of your baby toe. These are caused for the same reasons, from the outside toe being pushed towards the rest of the toes. Although this is the main cause for a bunion, individuals can also develop bunions from birth defects or having inherited the type of foot that causes bunions, this meaning, unfortunately, bunions can run in families. Some individuals choose surgery to remove their bunions, but after the surgery, extra care is needed to ensure proper healing as well as preventing from another bunion forming. If a bunion is not treated or looked after once formed it can lead to other foot problems including, bursitis, hammertoes and metatarsalgia and in some cases even rheumatoid arthritis. Bursitis is bursa, which are small fluid-filled pads, which can become inflamed around the area of the bunion. A hammertoe is an abnormal bending on the middle joint of a toe, which can cause further complication because now a shoe needs to fit to abnormal bumps on the foot. Finally metatarsalgia is inflammation throughout the entire ball of your foot.

SHOES WITH STRETCH: If the bunion is big enough, you will need to find footwear that will have material that will stretch. Flexible material that will stretch around the bump is important to look for in a shoe so as not to put pressure on the bunions. Neoprene material is a perfect example of material that will stretch to allow for the least amount of pressure on the bunion. Silvert's offers multiple options of stretchy neoprene shoes, as well as other soft materials to offer your bunions pressure relief, as well as preventing any rubbing on the bunion itself.

WIDE TOE BOX: A wide toe box or rounded toe box eliminates the pointed toe at the end of the shoe. A tight narrow toe box is often done in most shoes to give the shoe a “sleeker” look, but this sleeker look can even be a cause of the bunion. Giving you more room for the foot and toes will give you more comfort and take away any current pain. If you have surgery to remove your bunions, a wide toe box will help prevent bunion development. This is paired along with adjustable straps to ensure that you can put your shoes on and take them off without too much struggle. If you have limited range of motion in your foot, the wide openings in Silvert's shoes and slippers are extremely helpful, eliminating the struggle of every day dressing.

CUSHIONING: Cushioning is an added feature that Silvert's puts into all of our footwear. Often if you have any sort of foot pain, having cushioned soles will aid in immediate pain relief. This is helpful indoors, having slippers to help any added pain that your feet may be causing you. Bunions can generally affect the ball of the foot; especially if surgery is performed there might be pain in the ball of your foot. Silvert's provides slippers and booties so that you can have cushioning for your feet at all times. Silvert's offers shoes with arch supports that are even cushioned to create maximum comfort.

If you decide to get surgery to remove them, Silvert's has the perfect recovery shoes for you. The bandaging around the area will require lots of room for the first few weeks. As well as an open toed shoe will be much more comfortable in the healing process. Silvert's has easy touch open toed sandals that will allow you to place your foot in the sandal and then do up the easy touch fastenings. This is especially helpful in the case of the bunion, as it will be very tender, you can adjust the strap to be secure on your foot but without too much pressure on the tendon itself.

Unfortunately, bunions can only be fully removed with surgery. If surgery isn't a possibility for you, Silvert's can help. Silvert's has comfortable materials that won't hurt your foot, as well as wide widths and adjustable straps to make sure that your bunion fits properly into the shoe without any further pain in the bones of the foot. Silvert's also has preventative measures. If you only have one bunion or a bunion on one side of the foot, ill fitting footwear with narrow toe boxes could cause another one to form or simply worsen the bunion that you currently have. Change your shoes now with Silvert's to avoid any further injury and to keep your feet comfortable and safe in form fitting shoes.

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