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Disabled Adaptive Clothing for Women & Men
Senior Clothing / Elderly Clothing, Shoes & Slippers

Disabled Clothing for Home Health Care & Nursing Home Residents


Fashionable Clothing for Seniors

Give Comfortable Seniors' Fashions with Style

Silvert's senior clothing is attractive and easy to slip on for busy on-the-go senior citizens.

Why Senior Clothing?

Senior clothing in the past has been referred to as "old man clothes", "older women's clothing" and "clothing for older ladies", but make no mistake: at Silvert's, we combine style and comfort to make a quality senior garment. If you simply want comfortable clothing/apparel for seniors that's easy to slip on, our stylish clothes are just what you are looking for! Our retirement and senior clothes offer attractive styles with easy wash ability and dressing in mind. Comfy leisure wear, dress fashions, and versatile coordinates mean you don't have to break the bank to look good and dress easily. You deserve to feel like a model and feel comfy.

Clothes for Senior Women & Men

Clothing for the more mature older women and old men should be fashionable while taking into consideration comfort and ease of dressing. Retail clothing apparel stores do not cater to the older woman and man over 70 years & 80 years looking for fashion clothing and comfort clothing. Older women fashions should offer elastic waists in pants and skirts for easy pull on comfort. Elasticized waists accommodate fluctuations in weight due to medications. Loose comfortable fitting clothes make dressing and undressing that much easier. In the winter warmer fabrics, cardigan sweaters, shawls and bed jackets help keep the chill away for seniors with poor circulation. Clothes for seniors should offer alternative closures and fasteners when hand dexterity or arthritis becomes an issue. The importance of senior fashion for women and men's styling is that you look great and feel great in comfortable styled clothing.

Senior citizen dressing at its best should offer loose fitting fashionable apparel styles for elderly men and women. Senior tops, pants and accessories should be designed with flattering age appropriate styles for the mature figure. Senior jeans, skirts, shirts and sets with comfortable easy elastic waistbands for the ultimate in independent senior dressing.

Senior Adaptive Clothing for Assisted Dressing

When lowered upper arm mobility becomes a challenge for older women and men there are fashionable adaptive tops and shirts that offer easy access assisted dressing for the person being dressed and their caregiver.

Adaptive pants, skirts and dresses offer those with lowered mobility easy assisted dressing options. VELCRO® and snap closures offer elderly customers fashionable styles with functional easy access designs.

Clothing for Senior Women

Clothes for older ladies and mature women clothing offers classic clothing styles with comfortable generous fits, wash ability and easy of use designs. Silvert’s elderly fashion clothing for elderly woman is comprised of dresses for seniors, mature women’s clothing amongst other clothes for elderly ladies. We also carry plus size senior clothing to fit all elder clothing fashion.

Clothing for Senior Men

Senior men's clothes do not have to look like old man clothes they can incorporate classic men's clothing styles with comfort, wash ability and ease of use.

Shoes for Senior Women & Men

Senior Shoes & Senior Slippers for Foot Problems

Hammer toes, bunions, swelling feet & ankles, diabetes, edema are just a few of the concerns seniors have to take into consideration when purchasing shoes & slippers for the elderly. VELCRO® brand fastener shoes and slippers offer easy access solutions for elderly foot problems with adjustable shoes and slippers that accomodate every size and shape of foot. Often one foot may be wider or more swollen then the other or foot swelling fluctuates on a daily basis. Wide and extra wide width slippers and shoes accommodate senior foot irregularities such as hammertoes and bunions.

Senior Fall Prevention Shoes, Slippers & Socks

Skid Resistant non slip senior and elderly shoes and slippers help prevent falls. Slip resistant shoe soles provide better traction indoors and outdoors. Non slip socks are a wonderful for providing warmth and assisting in fall prevention. The hospital slipper socks offer gripper bottoms that help prevent slips on smooth floor surfaces. Slip resistant senior shoes, slippers & socks are terrific for offering fall prevention assistance during wheelchair transfers.

Orthopedic Shoes & Slippers for Seniors

Orthopedic Shoes & Slippers offer the utmost in senior foot comfort. Soft cushioned insoles that are removable for orthotics. Extra wide widths, and lightweight comfort. Seniors can experience the joy of wearing well made true comfort fitting shoes when they purchase senior orthopedic footwear.

Bras for Senior Women

The comfort and functionality of a bra for elderly women are often of the utmost importance.

Comfort Bra

As seniors age skin can become more delicate and fragile. As a result smooth and soft fabrics should be taken into consideration. Wide comfortable bands on bras and built up shoulders on bras are also a consideration.

Front Closure Bras or Front Hook Bras for Senior Elderly Women

When hand dexterity and upper arm mobility become reduced due to arthritis, paralysis, Stroke, ALS and a multitude of other physical challenges front closure bras are the best solution. No more struggling to wrap their arms around their back to do a bra up.

Q. Had a Hip Replacement or require post-surgery clothing?

A. Try Side Pants with VELCRO® brand closures and extra wide openings for easy dressing. Silvert's line of Skid Resistant Socks, Shoes, and Slippers help aid in preventing falls. Adaptive Open Back Hospital Gowns and Robes provide full-back overlaps for discretion and attractive designs to lift your spirits during recovery! Hip replacements and post-surgery recovery can be a trying time for even the most patient, let Silvert's Special clothing features assist with easing hip replacement and post-surgery frustration!

Let Silvert's help you dress well and feel good. Order comfortable and attractive apparel for seniors directly from Silvert's website today!

Clothing for older women is still stylish! Fashionable old lady clothes, including blouses and tops, are easy to wear, comfortable and for sale in a wide range of patterns and colors. Clothes for older ladies sometimes referred to as old ladies clothes should enhance a mature womens figure by offering fuller styling where it is needed. Clothing for older men sometimes referred to as old man clothes should look sharp and maintain independence with easy dressing solutions. Old lady clothes style and comfort set our fashionable old people clothes apart. Shop today for our elderly senior fashion clothes for old men and women today!

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Silverts, the original adaptive clothing supplier, has been pleased to make dressing easier for disabled adults, seniors and the elderly by offering the largest selection of quality affordable adaptive clothing and adaptive footwear for over 88 years.

A large percentage of our customers are caregivers who purchase adaptive clothing and/or elderly footwear for their loved ones. Silvert's understands the difficulty of purchasing on others behalf and the caregiver's need for a full return and exchange policy.

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