Recovery Wear Kits

Empower yourself with dressing solutions that are safe, convenient, and stylish.
Adaptive kits are now available!

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  • Save time with the quick and easy way to buy adaptive clothing kits for women and men
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  • These kits make a perfect care package for your loved one

Women's Recovery Wear Kit (Relaxing Care Collection)

Post-operative journey can get easier if you have the right clothing! Adaptive designs provide solutions for post-surgical patients to aid and to minimize risk of injury and discomfort. Silverts new Women’s Recovery Wear kit includes practical and uniquely designed clothing that is styled specifically for post-surgical patients. 

Women's Recovery Wear Kit (Comfort Care Collection)

Surgery can be difficult, but dressing doesn't need to be! Prioritize comfort with our new recovery wear kit for women. Silverts Post-Surgical Kits are custom designed to make the recovery period easier for the wearer and the caregiver. With roomy styles and soft fabric, these essential items will help you feel comfortable while you heal.

Men's Recovery Wear Kit (Easy Care Collection)

If you are recovering from surgery, everyday conventional garments may put too much pressure on the surgical site or chafe against it, resulting in discomfort and pain. Our new Men’s Recovery Wear kit includes adaptive clothing items that provide comfort, convenience and ease during the patient's post-surgery recovery period.

Men's Recovery Wear Kit (Soothing Care Collection)

Make post-operative recovery easier by choosing adaptive clothing that is custom designed for ease of use and maximum comfort! Silverts New Post-Surgical Kit includes essential items that will alleviate discomfort and pain while helping you to feel better as you heal! Choose practical and unique adaptive clothing designs for your road to recovery.

Silverts has been providing easy dressing solutions for more than 90 years. We believe in empowering people by creating a range of adaptive apparel designed to assist physically challenged individuals in their daily dressing and undressing while offering dignity, convenience and comfort.

These kits have been hand-selected by our industry professionals to provide everything you or your loved one could need to begin the journey into adaptive wear.

Recovering from a surgery or an injury? Our recovery wear will help you relax. We’ve put our expertise to work on this smart collection of post-operative gear that delivers effortless comfort. Silverts recovery wear enables ease of dressing and undressing for patients and their caregivers, allowing for a successful and healthy post-op recovery.