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Mens Socks:

Silverts carries a variety of socks for men, such as diabetic socks, skid-resistant hospital socks and half crew diabetic socks.

Diabetic Socks:

Ultra-stretch comfort diabetic socks for men are terrific for swollen feet and ankles caused by diabetes. They wick moisture and keep your senior’s feet dry and healthy. The seamless tow eliminates any irritation regular socks may cause, and the non-constrictive fit provides a stretchy comfortable experience. Stretchy diabetic socks are great for different levels of swelling in an elderly or senior persons foot. They are designed to accommodate almost any size leg and not restrict the wearer’s vascular circulation. The combination of the miracle stretch fibers and the specialized knitting process provides maximum adherence on the leg to resist slipping. Comfort socks are great for those in the home rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities and for home care settings.

Hospital Socks:

Silverts plus size mens socks are great for comfortable casual use at home, in-home rehabilitation centers, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities and for home-care settings. These bariatric socks offer XL comfort and are used for diabetic feet, edema related swelling, disability, or other foot problems.

Silverts non-skid resistant hospital socks are perfect for acute care, outpatient, and long-term care patients. These anti-slip socks for adults are terrific for patients in hospitals, post-surgery, nursing homes and retirement homes. Hospitals utilize these gripper socks because of the non-slip resistant grips on the bottom of these slipper socks.

Nursing homes promote the use of socks with non-slip resistant soles to help prevent elderly resident falls, slips and accidents. Caregivers looking after their parents at home use these as house socks with grips to make life easier for both the senior/ elderly they are caring for and the caregiver. These non-slip resistant slipper socks for men are used as lounge socks, tread socks and sleep socks because they are so comfortable.