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Lounge bras: perfect for women that still want to feel supported, but are done with harsh wires and small straps. Lounge bras are the perfect solution! Lounge bras are adaptive clothing which make sure that a women and her breasts are comfortable at all times. Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear has adaptive bras created for multiple purposes. Limited mobility in the arms, breast discomfort, and sensitive skin and post surgical bras are just a few of the many problems that our bras solve. Some features of a good lounge bra are as follows. Wide straps to allow weight distribution and less pressure points. Comfortable fabrics, to be soft against the skin, and comfortable for sensitive skin or skins with allergies. Easy on bras, meaning bras that don't do up in the back, allowing them to be easier to put on and take off, perfect for individual dressing as well as assisted dressing situations. Wire free bras allow for less pressure points and an uncomfortable fit. Silvert's combines these features to ensure the most comfortable bra that will fit the way you want it to fit, and provide comfort to make you feel like you aren't even wearing a bra.

Features of the best lounge bra:

Wide Straps:

Wide straps help for three reasons; pressure points, distribution of weight and finally general comfort. The wide straps designed on all Silvert’s bras are so that the pressure distribution can be spread over a larger amount of surface. Think of it this way, the more strap to shoulder surface with be more weight distribution. This leads to the second point of pressure points, the larger the straps the less likely that they will cause pressure points. This creates the perfect lounge bra, so that you don’t have to worry about any uncomfortable pressure points on your shoulders. This especially helps for “big boobs” or larger breasts.

Comfortable Fabric:

Silvert’s designs makes sure that every bra will be both comfortable and everlasting. Pick between modal fabrics, soft cotton, or stretchy nylon. Silvert’s new “breastnest” is made of a modal fabric. Modal is extremely soft fabric which hugs you skin. Not only is it soft, but it is stretchy and moisture wicking. Great for any boob sweat or hot days in the sun. Silvert’s has a cotton bra made of 100% cotton, making it comfortable for sensitive skin. This bra is a front closure bra, which helps great with shoulder surgeries and limited mobility. Finally there is the option of a stretch nylon fabric. This fabric allows the bra to stretch the way you stretch. Soft cups will allow you to get the great comfort you or your loved one needs to make the perfect fit and the comfort choice.

Easy on:

Our bras open in the front or over the head with light bands. No more doing up in the back. There are two types of closures for Silvert’s bras. Front closure bras for seniors will remove any issues of putting a bra over the head. Silvert's front closure bras are offered in either a hook closure, or snap closures. The snap bra is secured with snap closures, perfect for those with limited dexterity. This allows the individual to continue to dress independently without struggling to button up a bra. The other type of front closure bras is a series of hooks. There are two separate options for these hook bras. The first being a mix of easy touch (similar to Velcro) to help secure the bra into place, and then three separate large hooks to help the individual slide the hooks of the bra into place. The second type of hook bras is a series of smaller hooks, but available in two fabrics, a stretch nylon, and the other being 100% cotton. 100% cotton is perfect for sensitive skin and allergies to other fabrics. The second is soft bands being able to be stretched and go over the head. With the product launch of our "BreastNest", this band will be easy to stretch, and soft once it is on your body.

Wire Free:

Wire free bras make sure that you are comfortable in any position without worrying about under wires. This helps increase the longevity of the bras, never having to worry about a seam tearing and the underwire showing. You also never have to worry about the underwire being bent out of shape. Due to the nature of a wire free bra, it allows movement and makes it easier so that the bra fits your form properly. Often as we age, we look for what will give the most comfort as opposed to the push up bra which may be more uncomfortable.

Front Closures:

Silvert’s front closure bras are made for two reasons. The first solution is reducing the struggle of doing up a bra at the back. This is helpful in both independent dressing as well as assisted dressing. The second solution revolves mainly around wheelchair bound patients or bedridden patients. Having a clasp at the front reduces the pressure points that are made if a woman’s back is constantly pressed against the back of a chair or on a bed.

Lounge bras are used for many reasons. After wearing a normal bra with wires for an extended period of time, it can be painful, especially when we get older. If you have sensitive skin, bras can easy leave marks and rashes. As we age our skin gets thinner and a bra can dig into our ribs and shoulders. For larger breasted women, a regular bra with thin straps can leave painful pressure points on the shoulders from holding up larger breasts. With a lounge bra this problem is solved by giving the weight to a larger surface area. It may even be that as we age, we deserve a little more freedom in our bra choices, so get a bra that’s comfortable to lounge in whether you are sitting or lying down! Silvert's offers mid drift bras (more commonly known as the basic bra) or as a built in bra with a camisole or shirt bras. These camisoles with the built in bra is similar to having a built in sports bra in a tank top. This tank top is offered with the "BreastNest" or just a regular 100% cotton comfort bra.

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