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Which Wheelchair Cape is Best?

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Buying clothing online for a loved one in a wheelchair can be a bit tedious. When it comes to outerwear, Silvert’s has so many cape options of varying sizes, weights, and colors that it may be overwhelming to make a selection!

When looking for the right wheelchair cape for men or women, consider the following to guide your buying decisions.

Who are you shopping for?

Silvert’s makes outerwear in gender neutral styles. Whether you are shopping for men’s or women’s wheelchair ponchos, they can be found in the Unisex Clothing section. The Women’s section has a handful of lighter weight shawls, which are great for throwing over an outfit as a layering piece. All the capes available online are one size fits all.

Don’t Simply Go Up In Size!

A common misconception about shopping for senior or disabled loved ones is to just go up a couple of sizes in order to accommodate dressing and mobility difficulties. Not only is this dangerous (as excess fabric can get caught in places it shouldn’t), but it is unflattering. The clothing bunches up where it’s not meant to, and your loved one will look like they’re drowning in fabric!

Adaptive clothing is designed to meet these needs. Silvert’s wheelchair capes and shawls may be one size fits all, but they have a shorter back specifically for seated users. This means they have all the extra room for comfort and ease of dressing, without the bulk or snag hazards.

How Warm Should it Be?

Of course, it is important to consider the weather in your city and what’s expected in the upcoming season! However, you should also take into account your loved one’s sensitivity to cold, as it’s very common for a senior or disabled person to struggle with regulating their temperature. Due to various factors including decreased blood pressure, their extremities can lose heat fast.

The faux shearling-lined wheelchair cape is the warmest wheelchair “coat” available online at Silvert’s. Complete with a hood and water-repellent surface, the zip-up poncho silhouette comes in four colors: grey, navy, red, and taupe.

The fleece wheelchair poncho is a lighter piece for the spring or fall, or to wear around indoors. It also has a hood and a short back as to not get stuck in the wheels. Unlike the winter weight cape above, this piece is unlined but still cozy because it is made with polar fleece. As well, it comes in 7 colors!

Finally, the reversible wheelchair cape falls somewhere between the above styles in terms of warmth. It’s not quite as heavy as a faux fur pile lined coat, but it features a double layer of polar fleece for extra warmth without too much weight. Wonderfully versatile, this style is reversible — wear it to show off the plaid pattern or inside-out for a solid color.

Let Silvert’s and the Giving Care team help you make the best clothing decisions for you and your elderly loved one. Call us at 1-800-387-7088 to speak with an experienced customer service representative.


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