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Silverts: Past to Present

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90 years. That’s the age of Silverts Adaptive Clothing brand. It all started in the small town of Ingersoll, Ontario, which at the time in 1930 only had a population of 5,233 people. Originally it was a department store, focused on core wardrobe items and basics for all. From there we grew to multiple storefronts across Southwestern Ontario by 1960.

Along the way, it was realized that as we age the need for help and services increases, whether that be in daily activities or habitual routines. It was in 1980 that the full shift to adaptive clothing, designed specifically for seniors, occurred. With it came outreach from retirement and nursing homes. All were in search of clothing items for individuals that the general fashion industry had neglected. As one of the early brands providing adaptive clothing centered around helping those with dressing difficulties, Silverts has been at the forefront of innovation and ideation in the field.

We opened our first adaptive clothing retail store in Concord, Ontario later in the 1980s, along with a mobile pop-up that travelled around southern Ontario. In keeping in mind who the products were made for, it was discovered that most of them preferred to shop from the comfort of their own home. Which is where the mail order catalogue was introduced.

This catalogue style shopping experience has been great for our caregivers, healthcare practitioners and family members. Especially when the wearer Is located in a nursing home, long term care facility or unable to access the internet. To this day we continue to provide a full shopping experience by mail order catalogue and strive for the same high level of service through our website and online store as well.

In 2019, Silverts was acquired by Careismatic Brands, the world leader in healthcare apparel and footwear. Constantly growing their portfolio of health-oriented brands and products.


In 2021, Silverts has 27 employees, an online store, seasonal catalogue, and a wide range of adaptive clothing, accessories and footwear. The products are still designed to make the experience of getting dressed easier but are also centered on looking good at the same time. We’ve learned no matter how functional or practical a garment is, it is still important that the piece represents our personal style.

At Silverts, we’re keenly aware not everyone takes getting dressed for granted. We work in close collaboration with healthcare providers, caregivers, family members, and people with conditions and disabilities that impact their ability to put on or wear regular clothing. From older adults to patients with arthritis, diabetes, scoliosis, mobility issues, incontinence, podiatric conditions and more, Silverts is dedicated to helping people dress with dignity, comfort, and style.

Most of our clothing is wash-and-wear: easy-care garments that can resist staining, and do not require special care or dry cleaning. They’re also durable enough to stand up to industrial washing and drying. And of course, they’re designed for maximum comfort and ease, so people can spend less time dressing and more time doing what they love.

The different categories on offer help to support the buyer in identifying what their needs are, whether they are buying for themselves, a patient or a loved one. “Assisted-dressing” is clothing that will improve both the experience of the wearer and the caregiver helping them get dressed. These designs include open back tops, shoulder snap closures and open seat pants. Items like this work well for those who require a bit of assistance when getting dressed. 

“Self-Dressing”, refers to products that can support the wearer in making their daily routine of getting dressed (and undressed) more manageable and comfortable. This could be magnetic closures for fastening tops or jackets or added loops in the waistline of pants for easy pulling up (and down).

Silverts also believes in giving back. As a proud supporter of the Alzheimer Society of Canada, to this day a portion of our proceeds funds research to find a cure and improve quality of life for people living with Dementia.

Here on the Giving Care blog by Silverts, we look to share helpful information to our audience of caregivers, family members and senior community. This includes tips and supports for caregivers, example being our top tips for caring for a parent with Dementia. But it is also for introducing topics for discussion surrounding current issues, an example being assessing the plan for vaccinating homebound seniors.

We know sometimes life changes can be frightening and difficult, we pride ourselves on being available to support you and your family through it all. No matter what we face along our journey through life it is important that we are able to maintain a sense of independence, empowerment and personality. Our products aim to support that vision.

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