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‘Tis the Season for Bad Eldercare Advice

Warning! Do NOT bring up sensitive eldercare topics (like giving up the car keys and moving out of the family home) during family holiday visits. Without proper preparation, parents, siblings, relatives, and friends of your parents can and will turn against you - then what? It


The Story of a Mesothelioma Cancer Caregiver

Background After seven years of marriage, Heather and Cameron Von St. James decided that it was time for them to extend their family. It was time for a baby! The two could not be more excited about this new journey in life. In August 2005, Heather


Family Conversations – Caregiving and Finances

Fidelity Investments released their third survey “Family and Finance” in June 2016. They interviewed families with a parent over age 55 and having an adult child over age 25. The key findings are very interesting. What parents want and what their children THINK they want is


Holidays may not be the best time to talk turkey – Part 2

Part 1 of this communication series offers ideas about arranging the most effective locations to have sensitive eldercare conversations with aging parents. The importance of using timing to your advantage also enhances the likelihood of being heard and reaching consensus. What else is important to consider


Holidays may not be the best time to talk turkey – Part 1

You've probably heard the expression, "timing is everything." That statement is especially true when it comes to talking to aging parents and about sensitive eldercare-related subjects. Think about a past situation when an important conversation, which you initiated, went haywire. Perhaps Mom was distracted and didn't