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Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear

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Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear  has worked with healthcare professionals for over 35 years to bring you clothing you need. Silvert’s has only become the largest supplier of specialty clothing by listening to their needs and responding to them. Silvert’s began as a department store and quickly grew into a chain of department stores. However, as Silvert’s customers began to age, their needs began to change as well. It became harder for customers to make it out to the department stores, so Silvert’s made the decision to come to them. Silvert’s began with mobile shows, bringing dressing wear into retirement communities, and soon expanded into an online website. This way Silvert’s clothing could be in every home. There was one added thing to the equation, seniors needed clothing that eased the struggle of dressing. Silvert’s responded by turning their brand into an adaptive clothing brand. This Silvert’s became Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear, constantly working on finding dressing solutions for Independent dressing and assisted dressing.

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Assisted Adaptive Solutions

If you have a loved one that has assisted dressing, Silvert’s Adaptive Open Back Design is a great solution to problems with limited mobility. Open back tops have dome closures on either shoulder that snap into place. Opening both closures will allow shirt to simply be slid on to the arms! This way, you no longer have to struggle with any small neck holes or limited arm mobility. Another product for assisted dressing are open back pants. These pants are simply drawn up to the thighs and then wrapped around and snapped into place at the back of the garment. If you are a wheelchair user or know a bed ridden patient these pants are perfect for you. The generous overlap flap is tucked in and just like that you have pants on with less of a struggle. Silvert’s has also made bed time solutions with open back nightgowns. Similar to a hospital gown, this gown opens at the back so there is no need to lift anything over the head. The snaps that are on the tops are the same technology used in open back nightgowns to ensure that there are no pressure points for you or your loved one.

If your loved one is wheelchair bound or bed ridden, these adaptive clothes will make a world of difference in their daily routine. If they have a caregiver getting them dressed in the morning both will find adaptive clothes makes getting dressed more comfortable and easy. Your loved one now has clothes that will slide on easily for them, which in turn will cause less pain during their changing. Adaptive clothes also help with incontinent products.

Independent Solutions

Silvert’s creates solutions for every disability and every level of mobility. This is why Silvert’s creates clothing for the independent dressers, that may need just a bit of help in the morning. We provide clothing that you are still able to put on yourself, but with a few tricks to make it easier for you. Starting off with pants, Silvert’s offers elasticized pants, to get rid or buttons or zippers. Nice large, stretchy elastic waists makes you able to pull on the pants with ease with elastic that will make sure your pants stay up. You can have side opening pants with Silvert’s easy touch side opening pants. These pants have easy touch openings on both sides, getting rid of buttons and replacing them with easy touch. So you can simply pat down instead of zippers and buttons. These pants also create a larger opening so that they are easy to get in and out of. Do you have arthritis? Do you like wearing dress shirts every day? You no longer have to struggle with buttons with Silvert’s magnetic tops! Hidden magnets replace the buttons on this top. For all the women out there that still want to wear a bra but have trouble with hooks and back closures, Silvert’s has multiple front closure bra solutions. These bras are composed of a mix of large hooks, small hooks and snap closures. All of these options are front closures to make wearing a bra easy and comfortable. Silvert’s is also always coming up with new solutions to independent dressing solutions.

Footwear Solutions

Silvert’s footwear solutions include shoes, slippers and socks. Silvert’s has wider widths to accommodate for wider feet, as well as any swelling that generally comes with old age. Shoes, slippers and socks are designed to accommodate any and every foot problem. Easy touch closure (similar to Velcro®) removes the struggle of laces while also offering added easy touch to create adjustability. The added adjustment options allows shoes and slippers to fit day to day swelling, and increases or decreases of swelling throughout the day. Just because your feet swell, shouldn’t mean you need two pairs of shoes! If you live in long term care or retirement community, Silvert’s shoes and slippers have slip resistant soles to keep you or your loved one safe at all times. Slip resistant soles help in fall prevention and are often required in assisted living environments. If you need something for night trips to the washroom, Silvert’s has socks with grips on the bottom to ensure your safety at all times. Wheelchair users benefit from slip resistant socks as well. The socks keep a good grip on the wheelchair so they don’t have their feet sliding off wheelchair feet.

A Brand that puts your needs first

Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear was founded in 1930 as a department store. As Silvert’s clients aged, their need for service increased. Silvert’s thus started the idea of clothing that is designed to ease the struggle of dressing. Silvert’s Clothing is a trusted, loyal brand aimed to help individuals who are both independent dressers as well as those with assisted dressing. You can rest assured that Silvert’s has your best interests in mind. With excellent customer service to help you find what is right for you. Silvert’s has customer service options available during EST business hours Monday to Friday 9-5 and weekends from 10-4 at our toll free number 1-800-387-7088. You can also always email Silvert’s at for more information about any product.


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