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What is an Adaptive Open Back Nightgown?

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How are Silvert’s Hospital Gowns different?

  • No Pressure Points – Patients do not lay or rest on closures. You and your loved one can rest easy knowing the snaps are placed on the shoulders of the wearer. This way whether they are in a wheelchair or resting in a bed, the snaps will never create any pressure points.
  • Complete Dignity – Every open back nightgown has snaps on both shoulders. This is to allow for a full back overlap. The full back overlap is to ensure complete dignity and safety while moving around with the open back nightgown on.
  • Attractive – You can look good & feel good. Silvert’s is constantly coming out with different styles, fabrics and prints. The perfect personalization. Pick if you want long sleeves, short sleeves or meet in the middle with a three quarter sleeve. Finally each season there will be new prints and colours, so you can keep up to date with the latest colours and prints.
  • Comfort – You can find these nightgowns in three different fabrics. The lightweight poly-cotton blend is great for summer time and a light fabric. Secondly, our most popular is the knit, the perfect blend to be breathable but warm. Finally there is the flannelette nightgown, to keep you warm and also made with 100% cotton, for those who don’t want a poly-cotton blend.

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How to put on a hospital gown

  1. The patient remains in a seated position or flat prone position while being dressed.
  2. The patient’s arms are inserted easily into the sleeves of the adaptive sleeping gown and the garment is drawn up to the shoulders.
  3. You or the caregiver simply wraps the generous overlap across the back and the snap closure on each shoulder is snapped into place. If the patient is in a flat position they are rolled over or lifted at the shoulders and the generous overlap across the back is snapped into place on top of the shoulders. The snaps are positioned in such a way that the patient does not experience any uncomfortable pressure points. The person being dressed is left completely covered without ever having to stand. With snaps on the shoulders, the dresser doesn’t have to force the snaps together underneath the patient. It can be done up on the shoulders making it much easier on both the wearer and the caregiver that’s dressing their patient or loved one.
  4. You can rest assure the disrobing process is just as easy. Simply unsnap the dome closures just the same as the rest of Silvert’s adaptive clothes, and slide the nightgown off.

Here is a brief look at how the adaptive nightgowns open:

How Can Silvert’s Flannel & Cotton Hospital Patient Gowns or Sleepwear Help?

  • Adaptive nightgowns/nightshirts for men and women fit loose and free-flowing, allowing for easy movement. This is important in sleeping situations to keep them comfortable and able to sleep.
  • Hospital gowns with snaps help dressing & undressing with ease. It creates ease for the wearer, getting help getting dressed can now be comfortable and happy getting changed. It creates ease for the caregiver as well, making it more efficient to get someone changed into their daytime clothes or nighttime wear.
  • Our hospital nightgowns and nightshirts come in comfortable fabrics to work against any itchiness. Silvert’s makes sure you can find a fabric that wont irritate your skin. Which is why we provide three different kinds of fabrics to ensure the utmost comfort.
  • Our full-back overlap design is unique to Silvert’s. Thus making sure every person who wears one can be ensured dignity. No worry about anything peeking out, the generous overlap provides full coverage even when moving.
  • Nursing home facilities also love our nightgowns. Any assisted living environment appreciates the ease of these hospital nightgowns. Extending beyond the hospital environment.
  • Long term care facilities and retirement communities with communal washing machines love Silvert’s nightgowns. The nightgowns are made to withstand even the roughest industrial washing machines. Silvert’s serves quality nightgowns that will last.
  • We offer a wide variety of product in bright colors and cheerful prints and a variety of patterns to lift the patient’s spirits.
  • Our health care nightgowns come down to below the knee. We make sure there is enough nightgown for modesty, but that no one will be tripping over them.
  • We offer all of our nightgowns in plus sizing to give everyone a perfect fit. All nightgowns are made generously in order to have a comfort fit for nighttime and sleeping.
  • Nighttime accidents can now be changed quickly and efficiently, without having to raise nightgown over the head of anyone.

Nightwear Accessories

Silvert’s offers a variety of accessories to make sleeping and before bed time as comfortable as possible. Women’s Bed Jackets are perfect if a blanket keep sliding off their shoulders. A bed jacket is only long enough to go down to the mid waist. This way it will not interfere with arm movements. Bed jackets have a small loop closure to ensure that the bed jacket stays on, perfect if they are in bed or even in a wheelchair on their way to bed. If you find your patient or loved one is constantly cold and needs a little more protection on their arms and legs, arm protectors and leg warmers are always a good option to give them the added warmth they need. Both are offered in a variety of sizes to fit plus sizes as well. Silvert’s has full women’s open back adaptive robes for trips out of bed. Slipper socks are available, sock comfort makes them easy to sleep in, but with rubber grips on the soles to ensure their safety if they get out of bed at night. These can also be great gift ideas. If you want to give a loved one a gift a nightgown paired with any of these accessories can make a very good gift.

Having trouble visualizing how an adaptive nightgown works? Here are some videos to help you understand how easy it is to put on an adaptive clothes open back nightgown.


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