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Non-Skid Socks for Seniors, Fall Prevention, Diabetes, Edema, Swollen Feet

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Non-skid or anti-slip socks are essential to preventing seniors from falling. Silverts best-selling diabetic socks have grips on the bottom, similar to the treads on shoes though not as stiff. Especially for loved ones in hospitals and facilities who aren’t always monitored, preventative measures like slip-resistant adaptive accessories can offer piece of mind. Non-slip versions are also great for people with arthritis, disabilities, edema, lowered mobility. The effectiveness of non-slip socks in hospitals is worth mentioning because seniors and /or patients want to feel safe and secure, especially when they are sick. The use of non slip socks in hospitals is very important because it helps reduces chances of slips and falls.

Made from a cotton blend knit, the socks are available in 3 different adult sizes that stretch to accommodate most feet and ankles. Though they are comfortably snug, they do not restrict circulation. The seamless toe closure adds additional comfort for those with swollen feet as a result of diabetes, edema, or other conditions.

The anti-slip soles are made of a durable silicone tread, hence they’re perfect for patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing homes, retirement homes, and home care. Non-slip socks benefits the patients as well as the caregivers who are taking care of seniors.

Silverts diabetic non-skid socks come in a variety of neutral colors, so that they’re versatile enough for any outfit.

Anti-Slip Sock Features

Rubbery grips on the soles

  • Applied throughout entire bottom for maximum fall prevention
  • Flat and comfortable
  • Treads are secure, therefore they wash well

Multiple Sizes and Colors

  • Comes in regular and XL
  • Can accommodate any adult sized foot, even when swollen

Quality Materials

  • Available in super soft polyester chenille and stretchable cotton blend
  • Machine washable – can withstand many loads of heavy cycles

Grip Bottom Styles for the Elderly

Comfortable Hospital Socks:

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Multi-packs of super soft polyester chenille hospital socks for senior loved ones

Diabetic Socks:

Two-pack of stretchable cotton blend socks with grippers, with less seams to avoid any rubbing or pressure points. No hard elastic around the top to ensure comfort for diabetic feet.

Other Slip Resistant Solutions

Silverts provides a number of other footwear options that have the same slip resistant sole. These range from booties to full shoes.

The booties are a great solution if your loved one wants one step above socks but doesn’t want a full slipper or shoe. The bootie has incredible adjustability, and with an easy touch closure, allows to open up very wide. In cases of extreme swelling, getting a sock on might be near impossible, even with great stretch. If this is an issue, the Silverts bootie is a great option to make an even larger opening to get swollen feet into.

Silverts offers a wide range of slippers with slip resistant bottoms

Silverts is pleased to be expanding on their extensive slip resistant shoe line. With many different widths and designs, there is a shoe that can do the trick for almost anyone.

As always, Silverts exceptional customer service team can help you make the best clothing decisions for you and your loved ones. Call us toll free at 1-800-387-7088!


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