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New Adaptive Kits are Worth the Investment

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Do your loved one’s experience difficulty or strain when getting dressed? Maybe they have expressed their frustration with daily dressing tasks, or maybe you have sensed it. Dressing is an Activity of Daily Living for all humans. Dressing actions—such as buttoning up a shirt—are often taken for granted by most people, however, for People living with Disabilities, daily dressing and undressing can often times be difficult. For example, someone living with arthritis may find handling buttons and zip fastenings challenging and painful. Family members, caregivers and healthcare professionals are often the first to notice the discomfort Older Adults feel when they are struggling to get dressed.

This is where adaptive clothing comes in to help. Dressing tasks that were perhaps a challenge can now become more manageable and carried out with ease and comfort and at the same time, give back a person’s independence to dress themselves. Benefits of adaptive clothing include the fact that they are designed to suit all levels of ability, therefore provide support for all individuals depending on their needs. Adaptive clothing also enables caregivers to efficiently assist with daily dressing with our specially designed features, including side open zippers, back open tops, magnetic closures and trousers with overlaps. Our adaptive clothing reduces the daily time and frustration spent on dressing while increasing respite and well-being.

With this in mind, we have curated adaptive kits that have been hand-selected by our industry professionals to provide everything you or your loved one could need to begin the journey into adaptive wear.

Are you a family member looking for easy dressing solutions for a loved one? Do you experience pain with conventional clothing? Our new curated adaptive clothing kits include everything you will need to dress easily. Here are some of the different kits and bundles that can make your loved one’s life easier:

Nursing Home Kits

As your loved one transitions into a Nursing Home, their daily dressing needs may evolve. Limited mobility, wheelchair use, difficulty bending down and other health conditions such as Arthritis, Parkinson’s and Dementia can make Activities of Daily Living more difficult. This is where adaptive clothing can help, as it adapts to make dressing easier for both Residents and their Caregivers. Our Nursing Home Kits for women and men were curated to provide comfort and ease of dressing

If your loved one is living alone, if they are in a nursing home facility, or living with their caregivers, adaptive apparel kits are designed to make getting dressed easier. No need to sacrifice on style and comfort because these nursing home kits will help your loved ones look stylish yet at ease.  

Alzheimer’s Kits

Adaptive clothing for People with Alzheimer’s or Dementia may assist in reducing the frustration they and their Caregivers experience. Finding Clothing for People with Dementia can help improve their daily life. With changes to mobility, daily dressing can become exhausting. Our adaptive clothing is designed with closures along the back of the garment, so caregivers and healthcare professionals can dress their loved ones with ease. Our new Alzheimer’s Kit will allow for ease of daily dressing for both the your loved one and their caregiver.

Diabetic Kits

Does your loved one live with Diabetes? You may have heard them express concerns about not being able to find the right footwear. A properly fitted diabetic shoe is important in preventing injuries while helping to reduce pain. Our diabetic shoes are specially designed to fit the diabetic foot. They feature extra width and depth in the toe box and forefoot to relieve pressure from other areas of the foot. Diabetic shoes are often wider and deeper than regular shoes. Do you know someone who is diabetic? They can find relief with our Diabetes Kit that will provide comfort to your feet! From cozy slippers to diabetic socks, we have what you need to take a comfortable step.

Wheelchair Kits

Clothing for people who use wheelchairs may be limited with clothing choice. Shop our kits specialized for Persons who use wheelchairs.

People who use wheelchairs do not have to compromise on quality, style, fashion, and comfort.  Our new kits designed for Persons who use wheelchairs have been curated especially by our industry professionals. This functional yet stylish Wheelchair Kit is designed with specific wheelchair functionality. Clothing designs such as our adaptive pants, shirts, and tops that slip on and off from a seated or prone position make dressing easier for Persons who use wheelchairs and/or their Caregivers.

Arthritis Kits

When a loved one has severe arthritis, daily dressing and undressing may become painful and frustrating People with Arthritis experience aggravation in their joints by movement or activities that we take for granted like going to the bathroom, walking, and standing for long periods of time. Adaptive clothing for those who have arthritis can help make life easier for those you care for. Keep your loved ones comfortable and stylish with our new Arthritis Kit.

What are some of the benefits of adaptive kits?

  • Save time in daily dressing
  • Shop by needs bundles will help you find the right dressing solution based on your health concerns.
  • These kits make a perfect care package for your loved one

Empower yourself with dressing solutions that are safe, convenient, and stylish. Do you need more information about any of our new kits? What are some of the adaptive dressing solutions you are looking for? Leave a comment and let us know!

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