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Mother’s Day Gifts: Celebrate Moms and Grandmothers in Style

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As a young child, I don’t know who had more fun on Mother’s Day – Mom or me. I recall reciting poems, drawing pictures on home-made greeting cards, and making my mother breakfast-in-bed to honor her. Nothing made me happier than watching her face light up when I presented my custom-made gift.

That feeling of inner joy has never left me; to this day I strive to repeat gift-giving scenarios that emote the same happy emotions — for her and me. But over the years, it has been a struggle to find Mother’s Day gifts that are truly meaningful.

Last week, when I visited Mom in her apartment, I happened to catch her at a time when she was getting dressed to go out to dinner with my sister. She was sitting at the edge of her bed, wrestling with one of her favorite blouses. Looking as though she was about to burst into tears, Mom said, “I can’t lift my arms above my head anymore.” I sat down next to her and did my best to console her; then I helped her finish getting dressed.

Sadly, this situation is more common than you think. Are you aware of the struggles your parents endure when they attempt to dress themselves? Do they stay home more often because getting dressed is a tremendous chore?

I first learned about Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing and Footwear over 40 years ago. I was looking for a special gift for my grandmother to celebrate her birthday. An ad in a woman’s magazine led me to call the company’s toll-free number. In those days, shopping from a catalogue was the only option. The assortment of adaptive slacks, blouses, and shoes made choosing the right gift for Nonna quite easy. I never forgot that pleasant shopping experience.

Fast forward, and the line of Silvert’s clothing and footwear is beyond my wildest dreams — blouses and bras, sneakers, sweaters, and sweat suits — I am delighted at the choices that are available.

From one family caregiver to another, do yourself a big favor and take a look at what Silvert’s has to offer. You will never struggle again when it comes to buying your mother and grandmother (and great-grandmother) a special Mother’s Day or birthday gift.

Let Silvert’s and the Giving Care team help you make the best clothing decisions for you and your elderly loved one. Call us at 1-800-387-7088 to speak with an experienced customer service representative.

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Joy Loverde is the author of the best-seller, The Complete Eldercare Planner (Random House, 2009) and Who Will Take Care Of Me When I Am Old? (Da Capo, 2017). Joy’s media credits include the Today Show, CBS Early Show, CNN, and National Public Radio among many others. Joy also serves as a mature-market consultant and spokesperson for manufacturers, corporations, law firms, financial institutions, insurance, associations, healthcare organizations, senior housing, and other members of the fast-growing eldercare industry.

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