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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: 8 Unique Ideas for Mom’s Special Day

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Mother’s Day 2022 is almost here, which means it’s time to get planning to make sure mom feels as special as possible this Mother’s Day. It’s always nice to treat mom to a thoughtful gift and a handmade card or to get her something she always wanted. If you’re currently stumped on Mother’s Day gift ideas for 2022, we curated a list to make gift buying and gift-giving easy for you.

Whether you’re a daughter or a son looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift to express your love and affection or a grandchild looking for a gift for their grandma, there is something for everyone on this list:

Stylish Adaptive ClothingAdaptive clothing with open back functionality doesn’t need to be boring. Pair style with functional adaptive features like magnetic closures, open back snaps, side open pants and you get comfortable clothing options that are great for parents or senior grandparents who suffer from arthritis pain.

Do they have any mobility problems? On difficult days when they are experiencing joint pain or stiffness, open-back tops can be just what they need. An open-back top eliminates having to put anything over their head. If your loved one is wheelchair-bound, adaptive clothing can help the daily struggle of getting dressed.

If they have help getting dressed in the morning, it will make daily dressing go more smoothly. If your mom or loved one has worn dresses all their lives, open-back dresses are the perfect transition item. This open-back design allows them to stay in a seated or lying down position while preserving their modesty. When people move to wheelchair mobility, it restricts them from doing many things. Give them clothing that they can still wear with ease. It will make them feel more comfortable mentally.

With easy dressing solutions, your elderly parents won’t be struggling with button closures or narrow neck openings. With the new spring collection in stock now, you can gift your mother gorgeous colors and prints that are perfect for the new season.


Does your mom love books? If she doesn’t own an e-reader, Mother’s Day 2022 would be the perfect time to get her one. With various options like Kobo, Kindle and Nook available, you can give her the gift that she will love. If she already owns an e-reader, you can give her a gift card  for ebooks so she can download what she wants to read. If her to-be-read list is already a mile long, consider an e-reader pillow stand. These comfortable and easy to use stands will free up her hands and she can rest her e-reader, iPad or tablet on it and read with ease.

Cozy Sleeping and Lounge Essentials

When your mother is ready to put her feet up and relax with her book, a fleece bed jacket will keep her warm during chilly evenings. Get her a nice fuzzy blanket that’s her favorite color or that has a favorite animal on it. If she is wheelchair-bound, consider a wheelchair-friendly blanket instead. This is a great way to make her feel warm and stylish while using her wheelchair.

Watercolor Portrait

A handmade watercolor portrait would be a gorgeous gift to give. If you like painting or sketching, you can create a Mother’s Day project yourself and give her a family portrait that you have made. If you’re not artistic, there are painters and artists on Etsy who can create customized paintings. You could get a portrait made by sending them a picture of the family or even a beloved pet. The latter would be a cool gift for moms who consider their furry friend like members of the family! 

Massager for Neck and Back

This gift will give your mom spa-like vibes at home without the hassle and expense of a salon appointment. Handheld massagers are lightweight, come with adjustable speeds and allow for easy storage as well, making them perfect for at home use. Some also come with a heat function to make the experience even more soothing and relaxing.

Comfortable SlippersWho doesn’t like footwear that brings comfort, ease and safe mobility? The best choice for moms in nursing homes or those at home is slip-resistant or anti-slip footwear. They are not just comfortable but safe as well. Slip-resistant shoes lower the chances of accidental slips or falls while keeping your feet warm. These adjustable bedroom slippers by Silverts are terrific for seniors and elderly in home care or nursing home settings.

Shared Art Journal

The benefit of a shared art journal is that you and your mom can collectively share favorite or cherished memories, pictures, artwork or any other memory that stands out. This is a great keepsake for later discussions or family gatherings. A shared art journal can also be the place where you sketch, draw or paint as a team or save some Mother’s Day special recipes.

Handmade Card

When you are at loss for words, handmade cards can convey your feelings. There are many ways to start your own DIY Mother’s Day cards. You can find some inspiration on Pinterest or create it on your own by sketching or painting. Or you could cut out a flower pot card and paint or color it yourself. This could be a great Mother’s Day gift idea for your mom, grandma, mother-in-law or any motherly figure in your life. Include a Mother’s Day prayer in the card to convey your affection and good wishes.

Do you have other ideas we can add to the list? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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