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Mother’s Day: A Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women in your life that are always there for you, in mind, spirit and soul. But what do you get the one that gave you everything? As a woman gets older, shopping on her own can be tiring. Head to Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear online and give your mom something she’ll love. Take time to go through Silvert’s selection with her and pick out a new outfit for her. This way you are giving her two gifts. The first one being a new outfit. The second spending time and shopping in a way that wont tire her out. At Silvert’s, there is something for every mom. Independent dressers can shop through ladies self dressing solutions. If your mom has help getting dressed in the morning, our assisted dressing styles may be helpful for her.

Self Dressing:

If your mom is dressing herself in the morning, Silvert’s may have some perfect items to complete her outfit, or give her a little help in dressing every morning. Here is a list of great Mother’s Day clothing ideas for independent dressing:


Get your mom a cute cardigan for mother’s day. A cardigan is the perfect item to complete any outfit. Furthermore, senior moms often feel a bit chilly. So this cardigan can double as a fashion piece as well as a functional help to her. Mom can have an acrylic cardigan for during the day as well as a cozy fleece cardigan for the chilly nights.

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Open Side Pants:

Open side pants are bottoms that have an easy touch fastening on either side of the pant. This helps mom in a number of ways. If she requires incontinence products, it is much easier to change them throughout the day. Also, the added ease of pulling them on. Finally, she just has to pat the easy touch into place. She can even choose to open both sides for wide openings, or leave one side close if she only needs a bit of help.

Elastic Waist Pants:

As we age, our fingers aren’t as nimble as they used to be. This is why an elastic waist pant or skirt may be the perfect solution for mom. Elastic waists will allow mom to put them on easily and efficiently. These pants are offered in a gaberdine material, knit and sweat pant. Gaberdine is great for fancy nights out, or choose a comfy knit for a comfortable yet fashionable look.


Pick out a pretty print in a blouse for mom! Plus, if your mom needs plus sizing Silverts has plus sizing available in blouses. Similarly, if your mom needs a petite, Silverts has petite options available. Silverts also has blouses in both short and long sleeve, with nice light material. So if mom wants to wear a long sleeve blouse in the summer, no problem!

Assisted Dressing:

Does your mom have a caregiver to help her dress in the morning? Are you that caregiver? If the answer is yes to either question, adaptive open back clothing can greatly benefit you, your mother and her caregiver. Here is a list of clothing for mom if she has assisted dressing:

Open Back Pants:

Open back pants are drawn up to the thighs and the a generous overlap is then wrapped around the back and snapped into place. This allows for mom to be dressed in a seated or lying down position. Whether you want a cute summer capri, or a cozy pair of sweat pants, Silvert’s has open back pants offered in a variety of styles and fabrics. So mom can feel comfortable in a fabric of her choosing.

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Open Back Tops:

If your mom struggles with mobility in her arms or upper body, open back tops will save her the uncomfortable experience of putting on a top every morning. Open back tops open up completely at the back. This allows the top to be put on by sliding the sleeves on, and simply wrapping it around the back and snapping it into place. Now she doesn’t have to struggle with lifting her arms. She no longer has to worry about small neck holes either.

Open Back Nightgowns:

Does your elderly mom get extremely tired at nighttime? If your senior mother hits that wall of tiredness, it can get hard to change her into pajamas if you don’t do it in time. If this is the case, open back nightgowns are a perfect and easy solution. Even if your mom is still mobile, a little help to put on and take off this nightgown and greatly improve the struggle of every day dressing. Open back nightgowns are the same design as open back tops, allowing her to put the arms through sleeves, and have the rest of the nightgown wrapped around and snapped into place. Two sets of snaps are placed on both shoulders. This is to provide a generous overlap so that your mom can still feel dignified and covered.

Open Back Dresses:

Get mom something that she can look her Sunday best in! Open back dresses come in many different styles and patterns, so mom can find a dress that reminds her of her dancing days. Or, maybe a dress can be a nice touch for days that putting on a full outfit is too tiring. Furthermore, mom can pick between different fabrics, so she can have a dress for every occasion at any time of year. All snaps of open back attire is placed strategically on the top of the shoulders so mom won’t have any pressure points from the snaps.

Front Closure Bras:

Silvert’s offers a number of adaptive bras. Silvert’s has a number of bras with open front hook closures, to the Breast Nest sleep bras and camisoles. These are bras that provide the same support as traditional bras but with more comfort and ease of dressing. 

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Footwear for Mom:

If your mom’s closet is about to bust, she might not need any new clothes quite yet. Silvert’s has footwear that is designed to make putting them on and off easier. Adjustable easy touch closures are meant to help with both swelling as well as easing putting them on and taking them off. Wide and Extra wide shoes are offered for senior mothers that struggle with swollen feet. Silvert’s adds a non-slip resistant sole on all footwear, so don’t worry, Silvert’s will help keep your mom safe. Footwear includes both shoes as well as slippers, so mom can have something comfortable for indoors and outdoors. As well, Silvert’s offers a number of socks, including non-slip hospital grip socks. Socks are the perfect gift topper that will also be a comfortable solution for mom’s feet when she’s not wearing shoes.

If you are scrambling with last minute gift ideas for your mother, don’t worry Silvert’s Mother’s Day: A Gift Guide is here to give you some great ideas for your mom. Don’t stress about what to get mom this Mother’s Day, Silvert’s is here to help.

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