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Men’s Extra Extra Wide Width Adaptive Slippers

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Silvert’s extra, extra wide slippers for men are recommended for extreme swelling in both the feet and ankles. These slippers accommodate not only general swelling, but a number of foot problems. For hammertoes, corns and bunions, this shoe has generous openings. This gives added room to take away the pain and struggle of getting the slipper on. A comfortable material with added padding makes this slipper great for men with diabetes, edema or any foot problems that could cause swelling of the foot. As for any problems with sore spots on the foot, this slipper has great adjustability so that there never has to be too much pressure on any part of the foot.

Extra extra wide slippers are recommended for men larger, wider feet. These slippers are built to help with ankle swelling, with dips in the ankle fabric to allow for swelling of the ankle. There are three main areas around the ankle of the foot, where they dip lower so that there is room for the ankle to expand. These slippers range from a men’s size seven, to a men’s size fourteen.

The nature of these shoes is not only to have an extra wide slipper, but also to make it easier for you to get your foot into them. These slippers have an extra long tongue to allow for a very wide opening. This allows you to place your in the slipper and place the tongue on the foot, after wrapping the Velcro around your foot to secure the foot in the slipper.

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Easy Touch:

These slippers are made with Velcro® brand fastener closures to provide even more adjustment to width and depth. If you find you have more swelling vertically, these easy touch closures and generous tongue can allow for that. Any puffiness can be accommodated for with the Velcro. Silvert’s understands that when a foot swells it doesn’t just swell horizontally but often will swell vertically as well. This is why Silvert’s gives lots of room for adjustment and extra fabric to allow expanding the slipper if needed. It also allows for any hammertoes or bunions, with this adjustability.

The easy touch closures allow for incredible adjustability. However, these closures also are helpful for lowered hand dexterity. As we age, it becomes harder and harder to perform task such as doing up buttons and tying laces. Our fingers just don’t work the same as they used to, due t swelling or arthritis. Having easy touch closures reduces the daily frustration of tasks such as laces. This makes the process of putting on shoes much shorter and less of a hassle.


These shoes have added cushioning for maximum comfort. This begins with the insole. Each insole is made with memory foam so the slipper can mold to your foot. We understand that each foot is different. When you are at home, you want comfortable footwear that will be exactly the right mold to your foot. Silvert’s leaves that up to the memory foam, to give cushioning to your foot, but where it needs it most.

The next part of Silvert’s cushioning process is the thick heel and sole of the slipper itself. This thick sole is created for shock absorbency, which is incredibly important for your whole body, not just your feet. Stepping creates a shock that leads from your feet to your hips. As the body ages, steps become heavier and bodies become more fragile. A thicker sole will help absorb some of the shock you get from taking a step to keep your body protected.

Finally the top, outer material of the shoe needs to provide cushioning as well. Most think of cushioning in the sole of the shoe. However, having cushioning on the top of the foot is just as important. Cushioning materials allow for molding of the top of the foot. This helps reduce the risk of getting sores on the tops of your feet. This also helps reduce the risk of pressure points anywhere on the foot, making this slipper great for foot edema and diabetes. The general nature of the soft material is also wonderful for an indoor comfortable slipper.


These extra wide slippers for men have slip resistant sole, the perfect slipper for a hospital or nursing home patient. Long term care facilities and hospitals often have similar flooring, linoleum, which is great because it is easy to clean up any messes and it doesn’t stain. However, that increases the risk of slips and falls. These slippers help reduce that risk. The grip on the soles of the slippers also help gain more traction in order to properly propel yourself forward.

Propelling yourself forward is aided by two main factors, the grip on the soles of the shoe and the slightly raised heel that these slippers provide. The raised heel will force the foot to go forward, as well as the body. It creates the necessary force to allow the body to move forward, and resist the rocking back feeling that bare feet can create. In an aging body, we become unsteady on our feet, often resulting in feeling like we are rocking back if we don’t step properly. These slippers are here to combat those problems to leave you with stability and comfort.

Customer Care:

Silvert’s also provides a sizing chart on our website as well as a way to measure the foot with a tape measure or even string. The sizing chart will give you general dimensions, however if you find that you are still having difficulty finding the perfect size for you there is a customer service line open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm eastern time. Calling outside of those hours? You are more than welcome to leave a message and a customer care representative will get back to you as soon as they can. You are also welcome to email customer service, and they will be able to assist you through email.

When you contact a customer service representative, be prepared with your dimensions of the foot. This includes both the length, the width, and in some cases, the circumference. Again, this can all be done easily with some string and a ruler. Customer service representatives will even go as far as asking you to draw an outline of the foot and send it to them over email. With this outline they will measure it up against different sizes to find the perfect size for you or your loved one. Silvert’s wants you to get the right size the first time. We understand that a loved one can’t always make it into the store, so Silvert’s has an easy to use online website. This online website will show you the entire colour options, as well as what sizes are available in each colour.

Extra Wide Shoes:

If you require an outdoor shoe version of these wonderful slippers, Silvert’s has created a shoe version of this slipper. The shoe version of this slipper is made of a flexible neoprene material which is both comfortable and better against weather conditions. This shoe has very similar features to the slippers, with the long tongue to provide extra depth in these shoes. This shoe also comes in an extra wide width, which is great for swollen feet.

If you are looking for men’s wide house slippers, Silvert’s is the place for you. With multiple colour options and sizing from a men’s seven to fourteen foot, there is a slipper for everyone. This slipper is the perfect indoor outdoor slipper as well. With proper grip and a thick sole, this slipper can be worn on short outings. This makes the slipper perfect for trips to the doctor’s appointment, or visiting family and loved ones. With affordable pricing, this slipper is the perfect solution for comfortable footwear.

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