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JoePatient – Providing Consumers Comparative Hospital Information

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JoePatient.com launched to provide consumers comparative hospital information

Launching as a pending B-Corp, JoePatient’s mission is to empower the patient who is often the most disadvantaged link in today’s healthcare delivery system. We believe by making more information available in an understandable, unbiased manner, a more rational and competitive healthcare marketplace will evolve to the consumer’s benefit.

What Trip Advisor is to … Hotels
What Yelp is to … Restaurants
What Motley Fool is to … Stocks
JoePatient is to … Hospitals

WHAT: JoePatient provides unbiased information on hospitals, so you can select the best one for your situation.
WHY: Think about times you have moved, traveled, or played caregiver for someone out of town. Or even a time when you or a loved one was searching for healthcare in your own hometown. The need can arise at any time – there are over 100,000 new hospital admissions every day – many unplanned.
HOW: The user picks a category of care and a mileage circle then hits go and in less than a minute can start digging in to the wealth of information created.

Imagine you need to visit a city you have never been to before. Someone other than you has actually picked a hotel for you. The taxi ride there may be free or cost thousands but you will not know until their bill comes in the mail weeks later. You have no good idea ahead of time what the hotel stay will be like – how good the rooms and staff will be. You only discover that after you have checked in. When you leave, you are handed a bill for $450.00 a night. You discover the guy across the hall in the same type room was billed $65 because he works as an executive at General Electric and the poor person down a floor who works as a preschool teacher was billed $1250 a night. None of these guests were able to choose the hotel based on features and amenities and no one knew prices until they checked out. And to top it off, there are still more confusing bills yet to come over the following weeks and months – from housekeeping, food service, maintenance and more.

That would be absurd … but in many ways that’s how our health care system works today.

JoePatient believes by making more information available in an understandable, unbiased manner, a more rational and competitive marketplace will evolve over the long-term for the benefit of patients.

Using CMS data as a base, JoePatient makes important healthcare information easily available in a highly effective and comparative way — seeing how one hospital compares to others based on a category of care selected by the user and a consumer defined geography. As patients add their own real-world advice (i.e. not simplistic ratings) over time and staff builds out the curated news section about individual hospitals, JoePatient will become even more powerful.

The responsive website can be accessed at: www.joepatient.com. Consumers can choose between a free version with more summarized information or subscribe to the detailed premium version — $2.99 for 24-hour access or $9.99 for 12 months.



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