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How to Shop for Parkinson’s Clothing

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Having Parkinson’s can make many everyday tasks, including getting dressed and undressed, a struggle. However, choosing Parkinson’s clothing that is specifically designed with a person’s unique needs in mind can make the dressing process easier on them and their caregivers. Here are our top tips for shopping for Parkinson’s clothing: 

Consider self-dressing vs. assisted dressing clothes.

Some people with Parkinson’s may be able to dress themselves, while others will need assistance if their symptoms have progressed far enough. Whatever their situation is, there are types of adaptive clothing that will fit their needs and make the dressing process easier on them and their caregivers. Be sure to follow other tips for making the dressing process easier on Parkinson’s patients, such as waiting until their medications have taken effect and stretching beforehand to warm up their muscles. People who can still dress themselves may find it helpful to invest in assistive dressing devices such as zipper pulls and long-handled shoe horns.

Select easy closures.

Speaking of zippers, many people with Parkinson’s struggle to operate traditional closures such as buttons due to the tremors in their hands. To make the dressing process easier, we recommend choosing Parkinson’s clothing with magnetic closures that are simple for trembling hands to operate. These magnetic closure shirts are designed to look like they have traditional buttons, zippers and snaps, making the garment seem totally “normal” to anyone who looks at it. These magnetic closures provide a great solution for people who can’t get away with more casual pull-on styles and need slightly more formal garments such as button-down shirts for the office.

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Wear pants with an elastic waist.

If even magnetic closures are too much for them to handle, consider getting them pants with an elastic waist. Elastic waists aren’t just for sweatpants any longer: You can find all kinds of elastic waist pant styles on the Silverts website to suit every occasion, from pajama pants to office-appropriate khakis. Many of our elastic waist pants also come with hidden pull tabs on the inside of the waistband. If your loved one struggles to grip fabric, they can simply slide their fingers into the pull tabs and pull the tabs up, with no gripping or grabbing required.

Explore All of Our Adaptive Clothing Options

Try pull-on tops.

On a similar note, many people with Parkinson’s enjoy wearing pull-on tops due to their ease of use, especially for more casual situations or just lounging around at home. Pull-on tops do require a certain amount of upper body mobility in the shoulders and arms, but the tradeoff is that they don’t require a lot of hand dexterity since they have no closures. Since many people with Parkinson’s struggle with tremors in their hands specifically, pull-on tops can be a great solution to this issue and allow them to continue dressing themselves even if they can no longer work buttons or zippers on their own.

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Wear non-skid socks and shoes.

People with Parkinson’s may be unsteady on their feet, making non-skid footwear of paramount importance. During the day, they should wear lightweight, non-skid shoes at all times (even indoors) in order to help prevent falls. Stick to easy closures or elastic shoelaces that can be adjusted even with a hand tremor. At night, they should wear non-slip socks that will help prevent traction if they have to get up to use the bathroom and can’t find their slippers in the dark.

Choose open-back clothing for wheelchair use.

As their symptoms progress, some people with Parkinson’s will eventually end up spending most or all of their time in a wheelchair. Since many clothes are designed to be taken on and off while standing, this can pose a problem for the dressing process. 

Fortunately, Silverts sells many varieties of open-back Parkinson’s clothing that is specifically meant for people in wheelchairs. Open back, wheelchair clothing allows them to get dressed and undressed with assistance while remaining in a seated position. (On that note, check our guide to chair exercises for seniors as well.)

Ready to buy Parkinson’s clothing for your loved one? Shop adaptive clothing for both senior men and women at Silverts and get free shipping on your U.S. order, no spending minimum required! We also offer easy returns and exchanges without 60 days so that you can shop with peace of mind.

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