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How to Put on Underwear After Hip Replacement

Happy senior woman in a hospital bed with a doctor looking at a hip replacement x-ray
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Putting on any kind of lower body clothing, including underwear, is difficult after a hip replacement. In fact, some people decide that it’s not worth the hassle and end up going commando! If that doesn’t sound comfortable to you, don’t worry because there is a safe way to take your underwear off and on after a hip replacement. Learn how to put on underwear after a hip replacement, plus tips for choosing the right underwear to wear after a hip replacement.

Easy to Put on Clothing for Seniors!

How to Put on Underwear After a Hip Replacement

First, gather your clothes and then sit on the edge of your bed or in a sturdy chair that you can easily get in and out of. You need to be close enough to the ground that you can easily touch it with your grabber. If your bed is too high for this, you will need to find a suitable chair. If you are sitting on the bed, you will want your walker within arm’s reach so you can use it as a support to stand on the final step.

Take your underwear and place them on the floor using the grabber. Do not bend over to place them on the ground, as this will put strain on your hip. Keeping hold of the underwear with the grabber, maneuver it over the foot on the operated leg first. Make sure that your foot is fully through the opening and the underwear cannot come off. Once that’s done, release the grabber and use it to pull the underwear over your other foot.

Using the grabber and your hands, pull up the underwear as far you can while remaining in a sitting position. Once the underwear is as high as it will go, hold onto the underwear with one hand and push yourself to a standing position using the other arm as support. Use your free hand to pull the underwear up the rest of the way and arrange it to your liking.

To take off your underwear, reverse this process. Remember to always take the non-operated leg out first before removing the underwear from the operated leg. Note that these steps work for other lower body garments, such as men’s elastic waist pants.

a doctor holding a hip implant while looking at a model of part of a skeleton with muscle tissue
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What Underwear to Wear After a Hip Replacement

It’s very important that you know exactly where your incision will be so that you can buy a style of underwear that will not chafe on the scar, which can delay healing. No matter their gender, many people find it most comfortable to wear a traditional cotton brief underwear, with a higher rise waist, after a hip replacement. However, you may wish to look into different styles depending on where your surgical incision will be.

We recommend choosing cotton briefs for the greatest breathability. After surgery, you might not be bathing as often, so it’s important that your skin can ventilate properly to keep you comfortable. Cotton is also very soft, making it comfortable to wear all day and reducing the odds of chafing. This is why so many different underwear styles — and not just post-surgery underwear! — are made with cotton fabric.

You may want to order one size up from what size underwear you normally wear for comfort. The larger underwear will more easily accommodate post-surgery swelling and will also make it easier to get the underwear on and off. Skin-tight underwear is very difficult to get on and off with the grabber, so it’s best for it to fit a little bit loose.

At Silverts we recently introduced a great product that may be just the right fit for you after hip replacement surgery. This is our Open Front Easy Closure Underwear, it comes in a pack of three and is available for both men and women. Using easy closures on the front, the garment does not involve reaching down or the use of a grabber. The flap can just come between your legs and attach at the front for easy dressing and toileting.

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Updating your wardrobe before a hip replacement? At Silverts, we sell a wide range of senior clothing for all sorts of dressing needs, including various surgical procedures. Whether you need easy to put on clothing for the elderly or clothing specifically designed for assisted dressing, we’ve got you covered with our broad selection of styles and sizes.

For example, if you’ve ever needed to know what to wear after shoulder surgery, our adaptive clothing can solve that problem.

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