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How to Dress your Aging Mom at Home

Elderly Clothing
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As mom ages, her routine will begin to change.  Some changes will be positive, like maybe mom is able to relax a bit more. Often enlightenment comes with age as well. Meanwhile, some changes may be a little harder to handle.  If one of the changes mom experiences impacts her ability to dress independently, there are many options available to keep her quality of life relatively unchanged.

Difficulties in dressing usually starts with the hands.  Arthritis, Parkinson’s, strokes, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), as well as general aging, can all contribute to lowered dexterity. As we age, performing simple tasks like doing up shoe laces or doing up a button on a pair of pants can become a struggle. If you notice your mom having difficulties with these, independent dressing might turn into a faily struggle. With each new stage of lowered hand dexterity you will notice struggles escalate from needing help in tying up shoes, to needing help putting on a bra.

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Simpler Dressing

At Silvert’s, we constantly search for new ways to ease the daily routine of dressing for the elderly and disabled.  We call it ‘Simplified and Dignified’.  Dressing is made simpler by incorporating adaptive solutions into traditional clothing.  Solutions like easy front closing bras, reducing any struggle of not only hand dexterity but helping with any arm mobility issues.  Side closing VELCRO® pants that replace traditional zippers and buttons, that come in different materials, so mom can still have lounge pants and her Sunday best. Also blouses where magnets replace buttons and snap right into place! These adaptations clothing are so that your mom can continue to dress herself independently without struggling. This also not only helps for the pain in lowered mobility but is designed to cut down the time it takes to get dressed.

Dignified Dressing

Dressing is made more dignified when the wearer can dress with assistance. Silvert’s makes dressing completely pain free – regardless of any limitations in mobility.  Solutions like open back t-shirts that go on without the wearer even needing to raise their arms. This helps with lowered arm mobility, but also helps a lot with confusion. When elderly first wake up they can be confused, especially in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Open back tops eliminate trying to get something over their head and over their eyes. Open back pants that slide on effortlessly from a seated position will change the way your aging mother looks at the task of dressing. Regardless of if you have a caregiver to help dress your mom or if you are the family caregiver, adaptive open-back solutions will be a life saver for you and mom.

Silvert’s can help your mom dress at home more comfortably, with less pain and greater ease. Find out what works best for you and your mom. Look for options to allow her to continue dressing herself independently for as long as possible. When it’s time for assisted dressing allow her to explore the options with you. This will make it a positive experience for her.

Shop today on our site and view our elderly clothing catalogue or give us a call and speak to a representative who can assist you in finding some fantastic solutions!

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