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11 Great Gift Ideas for People with Arthritis

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Of course, people with rheumatoid arthritis enjoy personalized gifts like the rest of us. However, a gift to help them through their struggle shows concern and care for their condition. There are a number of tools that make everyday life less challenging. Which one will you choose for your loved one?

Here are our gift suggestions for people living with arthritis:

Comfort Floor Mat

A padded floor mat is a game changer if your friend or family member is up on his or her feet for long periods of time. For example, simply washing the dishes can put such a strain on someone with rheumatoid arthritis that their ankles creak or swell. A gel and/or foam padded mat combats fatigue and can be used in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, you name it!

Magnetic Buttoning Shirt

With arthritis simple tasks lie buttoning up a shirt may become a tiresome and maybe even impossible task. If your loved one has but is having trouble with hand dexterity or pain from arthritic hands, this shirt is perfect for them. Get one in a few colors to give them a variety of tops to wear throughout the week. Their hands will thank you!

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Bath Bombs and Soaks

Everybody loves a nice, long bath. Get your loved one a basket of bath soaks teeming with Epsom salt and essential oils. The minerals in Epsom salt promote bone and muscle health, thereby relieving pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.

Yoga Classes for Arthritis

Buy them a pass for yoga classes for arthritis! There are classes of yoga that can be centered around helping arthritis, but if you are having trouble finding a specific class gentle yoga classes will work too. Yoga is a great way to sooth any achy joints. Make it a family affair and buy two passes for both of you!

Open Side Elastic Pants

Open side pants have an elasticised waist with a hook and loop closure on both sides of the pant. This allows the pants to be opened easily on either side of the pant, instead of struggling with buttons and zippers. By opening up completely, it reduces the struggle of pulling pants up or down as well. When these pants are fastened they also still provide a comfortable easy pocket.

Heated Blanket

Especially if your relative or friend sleeps in a cold environment, an electric blanket can do wonders for their arthritis issues. Morning stiffness and pain are common for somebody with arthritis; sometimes it can be so uncomfortable just to try to get out of bed. A blanket that heats up on its own may diminish some of that struggle!

Front Fastening Bras/ Comfort Bra

For the special woman in your life, a front fastening bra could quicken her daily routine immensely. If the bra fastens in the front, there is less of a struggle trying to do it up every morning. If the arthritis is all over the body, try finding a bra with soft fabric without underwire. The BreastNest is a great example of a bra that has soft modal fabric with no underwire, making it extremely comfortable to wear. She will feel like she’s not even wearing one!

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Spa Gift Card

A spa gift card to a hot springs or relaxing day spa will give them a chance to take a break and let the joints recover. A spa gift card will be both relaxing and refreshing for them.

Magnetic Jewelry

Magnetic jewelry is a great gift for a woman with arthritis. Often women with bad arthritis will just eventually stop putting on jewelry because it’s just not worth the fuss anymore. Magnetic jewelry will let them still dress up easily, and allow them to put on jewelry without a struggle.

Adaptive Footwear

Laces are often a huge problem for arthritic hands. Eliminate laces with adaptive footwear. VELCRO brand closures or easy touch closures leave laces in the dust. Some other adaptations of arthritic footwear are wide openings and wider widths. Wider openings allow the foot to slide easily into the shoe. This helps allow the wearer to slide their foot in without having to bend over. Wider widths have less constriction on the foot itself. This selection of adaptive footwear give many different solutions of adaptive footwear.

Arthritis just needs a little extra care, any one of these great gifts are designed to help ease every day tasks that arthritics struggle with. Get the functional gift that they will love and appreciate.

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