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9 Gift Ideas for Hospital Patients

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Holiday shopping for a friend or relative staying at a hospital post-surgery or for other reasons can be a delicate endeavor. Spending the holidays in a hospital is no-doubt difficult for the patient and their family and friends. However, there’s no better time to show your loved one you care with a gift they can enjoy despite their struggle.

Here are some gift ideas for a hospital patient:

Hospital Gown

The gowns supplied by the hospital don’t have the most personality. Whether or not your friend or family member is admitted for a while, a new gown to walk around or sleep in will always be of use. Made with adaptive open-back closures, Silverts nightgowns come in many styles for men and women that are comfortable to use and wear.

Self-Care Products

The soaps and lotions in hospital bathrooms are pretty generic, and can even be harsh, ineffective, or downright unpleasant. Apothecary kits, aromatherapy diffusers, and other self-care items are simple gifts to improve mood and well being. If you aren’t sure what they like, get a basic package of smelly soap, a soothing lotion and maybe some body wash. Take a look in their washroom and see if there is anything that you can add to make the bathroom look a little more like home.

Hospital Socks

Instead of the disposable booties the hospital hands out, your friend or relative should have a good pair of adaptive socks. Comfortable and warm with grip on their soles, Silverts non-skid socks are perfect for hospital living. There are a few different types of socks they can get, either just a regular sock or fuzzy ones. These socks come in single packages, doubles or packs of six. So think about how long they will be in the hospital for and get them a few pairs so they are able to switch up socks throughout the week.

Something From Home

If someone has been in the hospital for an extended period of time, the best present could be something they already have. Find out what they miss most about their house and see if you can bring it in. This might be their favorite blanket, or something as easy as a sweater. Whatever the case, it will make them more relaxed if they have something from home and in turn will promote a faster recovery.

Adaptive Clothing

Are they in any sort of rehab? If you know they will need to change out of a hospital gown at any point, make sure they have something easy to change into. Open back pants, open back tops and open side pants are all good examples of clothing that can make getting dressed every day easier.


Do you know what kind of books or topics they like to read? Your hospitalized loved one will enjoy an exciting novel to escape to a new world. Or an educational book to keep them learning! If they are going to be in the hospital for an extended period of time look into getting a Kobo or other e-reader options. That way they can read more than one book. If you give them a gift card for Kobo they can pick out their own books and new reads. Plus, if your loved one if older, you can change the font on the e-reader to make sure that they can read it. Just make sure they brought their glasses!


Slippers can be a nice break from non-skid socks. Find slippers with slip resistant soles, to keep them safe and allowed within the hospital. Adjustable slippers are important, because often with hospital visits, swelling occurs. This could mean swelling in the feet, adjustable straps will accommodate for any swelling problems that they may be having. This will give them a bit more support than the socks, and promote walking and movement to a speedy recovery!

Ipod or Music Player

Music will let the time pass, but in hospitals you often aren’t allowed loud music or any kind of music. Hospitals can be stressful hearing the alarms and announcements, especially if you are sharing a room. Making sure they have an ipod or music player filled with great playlists is a great way for them to close their eyes and forget they are in a hospital in the first place for a bit. Try making a playlist of happy songs, sad songs and then even a playlist of just nature or the outdoors. This will give them calming sounds if they want to take a nap and not be woken up by any loud alarms.

A Visit From You

Of course, nothing is better than a personal visit from a friend or family member! Being confined to a hospital room or bed can get quite lonely or boring. Especially if you haven’t seen them in a while, a catch-up with a sick or healing friend should be in order! Clear up a few hours one day to bring them flowers or chocolates and simply talk, help care for them, or be in their presence.

If someone is in a hospital for an extended period of time, a visit from you and making sure that they are comfortable is the best gift you can give them. Make sure to contact their friends or family as well and make sure they are also all doing their part. A visit from you will mean a lot to them, but multiple visits from friends and family will mean the world to them.

Did we miss something? As always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!

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