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Gift Ideas for Grandpa

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Looking for a great gift for your grandfather? How about something that’s both thoughtful and practical? Too often are people given throw-away objects like candles and mugs. This holiday, give your elderly loved ones something they’ll actually use, and furthermore appreciate because it came from you!

Here is our gift guide for Grandpa:


New technologies have changed the way we care for our elders. A tablet or iPad is a great gift to help your grandfather in more ways than one. Brain games, health trackers, music, movies, reading materials, and more can all be accessed on the portable devices. Before giving him the device, pre-load some games or songs that you know he will love. If you aren’t sure make sure you have some time to put some of his favorite things on it and teach him the basics of how to use it.

Adaptive Clothing Gift Pack

Adaptive clothing and accessories – especially for the winter months – always make great gifts for grandpa. They’re designed to make dressing and wearing easier and safer for your aging parent or grandparent. Silvert’s offers a variety of gift packs around the holidays to make the choice even easier for you. The 3-pack of flannel nightgowns is essential for those who need dressing assistance from a caregiver, because they open at the back and are machine washable. The 6-pack of non-skid socks or 2-pack of diabetic socks are great stocking-suffers and help prevent falls.

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Extra Wide Slippers

Seniors’ feet are prone to swelling because of diabetes, edema, weight fluctuations, and other health factors. For this reason, it can be difficult to find footwear that accommodates their changing size. Plus, it’s dangerous to simply go up in size in regular shoes! Silvert’s extra wide slippers adjust to fit any width, can be worn indoors or outdoors, prevent falls, and are comfortable. These slippers are great if grandpa lives in a retirement home or long term care. These types of homes generally have a slip resistant sole policy for fall prevention. Getting him slip resistant slippers will keep him safe and comfortable.

Sleep Therapy Machine

Getting too much or too little sleep is unhealthy for everyone, but older adults tend to struggle with it more and more as they age. Sleep machines like Ecotones have a number of features that help improve the quality of sleep, including customizable white noise or nature sounds and sleep timers. Plus, it can detect external noises (like the neighbors dog barking) and automatically adjust to mask it. Getting him other gadgets to help facilitate a healthy sleep can be something to explore.

Personalized Gift Basket

Your grandfather probably has a hobby that’s unique! Does he love fishing, golfing, cooking, or building? Put together a beautiful gift basket full of tools for his projects — it’s very beneficial for an older adult to continue doing the things he enjoys. If he’s unable to enjoy these hobbies anymore, why not pay for a subscription to a related magazine or television channel? A subscription goes beyond one gift. If it is a monthly subscription, it could be an exciting thing for him to look forward to every month. Encouraging your loved one to pursue or revisit their hobbies can greatly improve their quality of life.

Did we miss something? As always, if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below!

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  • Cool list! The personalized gift basket is the one for me! Given that senior citizens are tend to get emotional, so I’m sure they will appreciate something specifically chosen for them!

    November 28, 2017

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