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Festive Holiday Activities for Seniors

Holiday season
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It is that time of the year when families begin planning festive activities for the holiday season. This year may be different due to the pandemic, but there are many creative ways to spread the cheer despite the limitations. This pandemic has been hard on seniors particularly because many have experienced social isolation while living at nursing facilities. Not being able to have visitors, not being able to go out and interact with others made the pandemic harder for them. Now that the holiday season is here, family members and caregivers can spread some cheer while maintaining a healthy social distance for their loved one’s safety.

Here are some festive holiday activity ideas for seniors:

Arts and crafts

The holidays can be a lot of fun for seniors and older adults if family members find creative ways to spend it. Arts and crafts are a great way of bringing people together because it is all about spending time together, feeling involved, and interacting. Whether your loved one lives in a nursing care facility or at home, caregivers or family members can gather some art and craft items and encourage their elderly loved ones to create a hand made Christmas card or a wreath. These hand made items can be given as gifts or used at home as a keepsake.

Make stocking stuffers

Coming up with stocking stuffer ideas is a lot of fun. Whether you are making stocking stuffers with your seniors as an activity or for them to give as a present, there are so many useful items you can add to the list. It is always a good idea to add some cozy items into the stocking stuffers, such as comfy socks, arm warmers, masks, snacks, change purse, stress ball, pen, or a gift card!

Decorate the house

Encourage your older relatives and family members to join in the holiday festivities whenever they can. It is also important not to overdo certain activities, so they do not get tired. While decorating the house, give a task to each family member so they can contribute and take part in the festivities. Creating a Christmas themed decoration will prove to be a fun activity. Ask your senior loved ones to give some ideas so everyone has a chance to enjoy the process.

Cook together

Cooking is a great way to bring everyone together. Everyone has some happy memories attached to being in a kitchen. Whether it was for a Thanksgiving dinner, cozy family meals, Christmas events, or making cookies with their grandmother. Food brings people together and creates a positive atmosphere. Cooking is a process that requires planning. Your senior loved ones can stay active by planning for the cooking process. This allows them to think creatively, focus on the task, and ensure the dish is cooked properly. Staying active and working towards something you enjoy doing are the best ways to fight depression or inactivity.

Holiday Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way of keeping your elderly loved ones motivated. It also helps them exercise their fine motor skills and boost feelings of well being. This activity allows them to reflect and recollect their favorite memories and share them with family members. Help your grandmother or senior mom create a giant scrapbook (It can also be digital) and ask them to share their most loved memory. Storytelling allows us to recreate moments, feel positive, and strengthen familial bonds.

Do you have more ideas for Christmas festivities that you would like to share with us? Leave a comment and let us know!


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