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Family Caregivers: Who Will Take Care of You?

Eye looking upwards pondering who will take care of them when they are older
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There is no shortage of posts written on the topic of family caregiving and self-care. You know the drill. Get a good night’s sleep. Eat right. Exercise. Stay social, and so on. These well-meaning messages may fall short of the big picture. If you have ever asked yourself — who will take care of me when I’m old? — then you know what I mean.

One day your family caregiver role will end. In the meantime, you are currently transitioning your personal aging journey whether you realize it or not. Today you are the caregiver; tomorrow, the care receiver. What plans have you made to safeguard your health and happiness in old age?

According to the Journals of Gerontology, “one in three baby boomers falls into the category of separated, divorced, widowed, or never married.” Millennials are also following this trend; a recent Gallup poll indicates that 59 percent of the 73 million millennials are single and have never married. Adding fuel to the fire is the decline in the number of people available to provide in-home care, including family members.

Age, longevity, singledom, loneliness, and isolation is a recipe for disaster.

Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?

I have spent a lifetime interacting with thousands of true experts—old people themselves. Using their advice as a blueprint, my new book outlines five critical sections to think about and get in order when planning for old age: personal readiness, housing, relationships (including beloved pets), chronic illness and health, and end of life.

Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old?: Plan Now to Safeguard Your Health and Happiness in Old Age by Joy Loverde is a step-by-step guide to living the life you want for as long as possible.

Joy Loverde's book "who will take care of me when I' old?"
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Who Will Take Care of Me When I’m Old? includes:

  • Real solutions for creating a support network
  • Checklists and worksheets to foster smarter decision-making
  • Website links to external resources
  • Tips on making a home age-friendly
  • Essential questions to ask the experts
  • Finding and creating age-friendly livable neighborhoods
  • Establishing long-term financial stability
  • LGBTQ networks, support, and resources
  • Planning for end of life and quality dementia care
  • The latest products and services to make a smoother aging transition
  • Books, movies, songs, and TED Talks for insight and inspiration

Planning now for your old age and care, while fulfilling the role of family caregiver today, is a smart strategy and will help bring you greater peace of mind.


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